16 Best Water Softeners – (Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide 2020)

Tier1-Compatible-48000-Grain-Capacity-Water-Softener-5-Stage-Reverse-Osmosis-Drinking-Water-Water can be classified as hard if it contains dissolved calcium and magnesium that ranges between 60mg to 180mg. If the water is hard then it can cause several problems such as dry hair, itchy and flakey skin feeling. Leaves traces on dishes and faucets. Stains on clothes and dullness, Mineral build-up on pipes & fittings and reduce the life of appliances especially water heaters. To get rid of these problems you must need the best water softener.

A water softener is referred to as a unit, consumed for the purpose of softening the water via eliminating the minerals that cause it to be hard. If you are looking for the top water softener then this detailed review below helps you to make the final decision to buy a product as per your requirements.

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In a Rush? Here Are Our Top Picks

Best Overall
AFWFilters Built Fleck 48,000 Water...
Best for Well Water
Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000 Grains...
Best Salt Free
SpringWell Futuresoft Salt Free Water...
Best Electronic
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water...
AFWFilters Built Fleck 48,000 Water...
Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000 Grains...
SpringWell Futuresoft Salt Free Water...
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water...
Dimensions (inches)
27 x 17 x 62
10 x 10 x 60
10 x 10 x 54
6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5
Weight (Pounds)
7.8 ounces
Flow Rate (GPM)
Best Overall
AFWFilters Built Fleck 48,000 Water...
AFWFilters Built Fleck 48,000 Water...
Dimensions (inches)
27 x 17 x 62
Weight (Pounds)
Flow Rate (GPM)
Best for Well Water
Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000 Grains...
Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000 Grains...
Dimensions (inches)
10 x 10 x 60
Weight (Pounds)
Flow Rate (GPM)
Best Salt Free
SpringWell Futuresoft Salt Free Water...
SpringWell Futuresoft Salt Free Water...
Dimensions (inches)
10 x 10 x 54
Weight (Pounds)
Flow Rate (GPM)
Best Electronic
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water...
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - Water...
Dimensions (inches)
6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5
Weight (Pounds)
7.8 ounces
Flow Rate (GPM)

If we need to buy any product, we research it online and compare with other products in a similar category, Because why not? If you are spending your hard-earned money it’s your right to choose the product that delivers the best value for money. So, we conducted several hours of in-depth research to find the top water softening system for 2020, after testing a variety of water softeners and getting reviews from experts we have concluded the following list of the best home water softener.

However, still, it all depends on your requirements. Either you are looking for the heavy-duty water softening system or considering a cheaper one on a low budget? So, let’s begin the list and see which system suits your need.

Best Water Softener Systems (Salt-Based)

1- Springwell SS1 Water Softener – Editor’s Choice

Springwell SS1 Water Softener

In a market crowded with many different models of water softeners from many different brands, finding one that edges the competition can be a real struggle. Thankfully though, we recently came across an innovative, high-performance system that impressed our entire review team: the Springwell SS1 Salt-Based Water Softener.

The SS1 is an excellent water softening system that’s jampacked with special, unique features that combine to produce high-quality, great-tasting soft water. But that’s not all. It also provides other benefits, such as:

  • Increased lifespan and efficiency of your plumbing and water-using appliances
  • Better-tasting drinking water, food, and beverages
  • Softer and healthier skin and hair
  • Less spotting on hard surfaces
  • No more streaky soap residue and white spots on your dishes and clothes
  • Softer and cleaner laundry with up to 40% less detergent
  • Fewer plumbing and appliance repairs and maintenance

There’s a lot more to talk about regarding the SS1, so let’s delve deeper, shall we?

Product Features

a. Compact size and modern, unique design

In terms of size, the SS1 is pretty compact. Its tank has a width of 9 inches and a height of 48 inches (57 inches with head). Its round brine tank, however, has dimensions of 18 inches (w) x 33 inches (h). Considering those sizes, you can rest assured that the system won’t occupy much space. Design-wise, the main tank is wrapped in a premium neoprene sleeve that gives it a beautiful, minimalistic look.

b. Exceptional softening capacity and performance

Being a salt-based system, the SS1 uses salt to remove hardness-causing minerals from water. Impressively, it eliminates a maximum of 32,000 grains of hardness before it needs to regenerate. Salt-based softeners generally require regeneration, but Springwell has done a remarkable job of automating this process, so you can almost ‘set and forget.’ The SS1 also uses ion-exchange technology to soften water efficiently, producing even less wastewater than traditional salt-based softeners. When it comes to softening capacity and performance, you can trust that the SS1 will deliver high-quality water on time, always. After all, it’s one of the highest-rated systems on the market.

c. High flow rate for larger households

Boasting a flow rate of 11 GPM, the SS1 can adequately supply fresh, softened water to households with up to three bathrooms. The system’s 1-inch connection size, along with its 25-80 PSI operating pressure, also aid in this rapid water transport. When combined, these features allow the system to work more efficiently and prevent any decrease in water pressure.

d. Innovative Bluetooth Head for easy system control and setup

Springwell’s innovative Bluetooth head gives you complete control over the system’s settings with your mobile device. You can use it to adjust settings, such as starting regeneration or backwashing cycles, changing valve settings, timing, and more. This fully-adjustable 5-cycle meter control is not only user-friendly, but it’s a future-proof feature that can help reduce the running costs of the system over time.

  • Compact size and modern, unique design
  • Suited for larger households with 1 – 3 bathrooms
  • Excellent softening capacity and flow rate
  • No drop in water pressure
  • User-friendly Bluetooth head to control system settings
  • Optional UV purification add-on to destroy bacteria and other pathogens
  • Six-month satisfaction guarantee, industry-leading lifetime warranty, and free shipping
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Financing option available, and free shipping
  • Available for purchase directly from the factory
  • Salt required
  • Drain needed for wastewater
  • Discharged brine from the system may negatively affect the environment
  • Might not be suitable for homes with more than three bathrooms
If you have a family of 3 – 6 people and you’re sick and tired of the problems that come with hard water, the Springwell SS1 is an reliable and effective solution for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the products read complete review here.

2- Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain – Best Whole House System

softener for water

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System is a comprehensive water softening system that uses a flow meter to measure the water used and regenerating as needed, saving salt and reduce waste. LCD shows system error and current status for complete information and to maintenance. A prominent feature of it is that it is easy to operate through the touchpad control system through which you can quickly control all functions.

It would not be extraneous to mention that with basic plumbing skills you can install it by yourself as it is not a science. High-efficiency gum and control head save last and offers your required soft water.

Product Features

  • If we talk about capacity then it has 48,000 maximum capacities with measuring facility on demand.
  • Complete saltwater tank with lift. To control the functions there is a touchpad.
  • LCD shows existing errors and situations of work to get complete information and to solve the problem if any. Through touchpad, it is easy to use, and you can quickly control over all features and settings.
  • Easy in/out drainage joining and working facility.

  • Comes with installation kit and guides
  • It is designed to filter your entire house
  • It contains a tank, control head, resin, and brine tank. Just plumb it in and add salt
  • Complete whole house softener
  • Huge capacity, excellent digital control valve, good warranty, works well in large homes
  • If you have no prior experience, installation can be complicated.
  • One of the higher-priced softeners than many other water softeners
Through this complete system, your water will be filtered properly for healthier and better-tasting drinking water. The package comes with everything you need for installation. This system is designed for use in households with 2 to 5 people.

3- Aquasure Harmony – Best Water Softener for Well Water

water softener reviews

Aquasure harmony series 48000 brains water softener with high-efficiency digital meter and control head (48,000 grains) serves the need for soft and free water for all the family members of the house. It is capable of treating 48,000 Grain of hardness. If there are 2 to 4 bathrooms in your house, it is a perfect product for you. In today’s advanced digital era, it provides a digital control console for backwashing only when it needs it. The biggest advantage that it provides is the savings of gallons of water that are the need of the hour.

Product Features

  • It is capable of handling 12 GPM service flow rates.
  • It can treat water that is moderate to very hard.
  • Its height is 1.5 cubic feet, weight is 20.8 pounds and size is 48,000 grains.
  • With LCD digital display and touchpad controls available.
  • There would be a tank, resin, control head and brine tank in the package.
  • The tank is of 10 X 54 inches and the Brine tank is of 15 X 33 inches.

  • Presence of a flow meter to help you measure your water use and regenerate when needed.
  • Available in paddlewheel style meter that is stronger and it provides better hold that prevents leaks.
  • The valves used are of high efficiency to ensure less use of salt.
  • It takes around 2-3 hours in installation.
  • There is no warranty available with this product
It is worth investing in it if there are people of different age groups in your family. It is especially the water softener review for children and old people. If you are conscious about your looks, it is an ideal product for you. It removes minerals like iron and magnesium from water thereby preventing clogging of skin pores and irritation.

4- DURAWATER Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro 48,000 Grain

buyer's guide for water system

DURAWATER Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro 48,000 Grain Water Softener Ships Pre Loaded with Resin In MIn Tank for Easy Installation is a water softener as well as an iron filter. It seems that it is all in one and has 48,000 Grain capacities. It can remove all the hardness from water and make it perfect for use by family members of all age groups. If you have a family of 2-5 people with two to three baths, this product is completely perfect for you.

Product features

  • 48000 range capacity, DIY instructions, 10 x 54 black USA mineral tank loaded with 1.5 cubic foot of fine mesh resin, black brine tank with safety float
  • 1 inch Noryl plastic bypass fleck SXT metered control valve, brine tank ok of 14 x 14 x 34 inches and it holds about 250 LBS of salt
  • Uses process exchanging ions to remove magnesium and calcium, uses regeneration based on meter
  • Safety float,1/2 inch drain barb, USA black tanks, overflow album for brine tank, upgraded paddlewheel meter

  • High removal of iron, long life, removes iron up to the range of 6 ppm, manganese up to the range of 6 ppm, sand, and sediment
  • Eliminates hard water, a warranty of 5 years, prevent Steel builder and reduced efficiency, highly efficient
  • Increases the life of plumbing and appliances
  • Prevention by safety float against over fitting an additional backup by the overflow drain that helps in avoiding water messes
  • Installation takes around 1-2 hours. It means you must plant installation only on holiday if you are working
  • Without basic skills of plumbing, you need to take the help of someone who is experienced
The issues are easily rectified by the manufacturer or the service provider. You must use this product.

5- Iron Pro 2 Combination, Best for well water with iron

Iron Pro 2

Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve 64,000 grain, 64k for the whole house is not only a water softener but also an iron filter. There is a high flow so that it can be used by the whole. It is particularly designed for removing high iron content from water and to provide it with a long life. It is available in different colors of the tank. this softener removes all the redness from water because it has expertise in removing iron and all other stubborn impurities from water.

Product features

  • 64000 brain capacity, fine mesh resin, fleck 5600 SXT digital meter valve, brine tank, DIY instructions, bypass valve 12 X 48 inches structural USA tank
  • Control head with a warranty of 5 years tank, item weight: 119.5 pounds, product dimensions: 14 x 7 x 21 inches, color: Almond

  • High efficiency, easy to use, warranty of 5 years, better filter because of fine mesh resin,
  • Removes hardness of up to 75 GPG, iron up to the range of 6-8 ppm, manganese up to the range of 6 ppm, sand, rust, and sediment
  • Free phone and/or email tech support
  • Removes white flaky, scale buildup and red stains from appliances, faucets, and clothes
  • You must check whether the accessories are available as promised. It may be missing.
  • Difficult to install
  • You need to make sure you must get the phone number and email address to take help if needed.
The water softener system is capable of providing you very soft water and gives you an experience of a spa at home. You do not have to go through the hard scrubbing experiences that are very hard on your skin while removing the scale built up.

6- Tier1 48,000 Grain

Tier1 48,000 Grain High Efficiency Digital Water Softener

Tier1 48,000 Grain High-Efficiency Digital Water Softener for Hard Water is an ideal one for you if you are suffering from problems like dry skin or dry hair. There is a very easy to use LCD display that helps you in checking the operational information.

Product features

  • Digital meter control valve, LCD display for easy use
  • Brine tank, brine tubing, control valve with manual bypass valve, brain line, pre-filled mineral tank with 1.5 cubic feet of Cation Resin, necessary mechanical components for easy installation, pre-installed water softener connections, mineral tank ok of 10 X 54 inches, etc.
  • Installed in a plumbing system at the water source for the whole house
  • Usage of common salt to perform Ion exchange.
  • Item weight: 10.4 ounces, product dimensions 10 X 10 X 62 inches, 48,000 Grain capacity

  • Helps in increasing the mild effect of soaps and detergents for best results.
  • Unique reception turbine meter that is incorporated in the system bypass valve. It will save your 4 feet of floor space.
  • Prevents dry skin, dry hair, scale buildup on appliances, and dull texture of clothes
  • No limescale builds up on fixtures, water heater, home or water appliances
  • Sometimes, there may be some problem at the time of recharging
  • The instructions given are not very explanatory.
The water softener system uses a very logical three-phase regenerating cycle. The first one is referred to as a backwash phase. There is a reversal of water flow to flush the dirt out of the tank. The second one is a recharge phase. Here the concentrated sodium-rich salt solution travels from the brine and through the mineral tank. The third phase is regeneration. The sodium collected on the beads replaces the magnesium and calcium. These are flushed down the drain.

7- Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain

Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain

Whirlpool WHES30E 30,000 Grain Water Softener-Built in USA-Demand Initiated Regeneration-NSF Certified, Off- Off-White is simply perfect for you if there are three to four members in your family. Now you do not have to suffer from embarrassing stains on clothes. You also don’t need to scrub the buildup on the plumbing types of equipment and faucets along with spots on dishes. This product calculates the amount of salt and is capable of regeneration only when it is necessary. The water softener helps in saving salt and water.

Product features

  • NSF certified, full 1-year parts and labor, possibility to extend to 2 years parts and labor if you buy 3 bottles of softener cleanser
  • Designed, assembled and engineered in the USA, demand initiated regeneration, do-it-yourself installation kit available,
  • 30,000 Grain capacity, clears iron up to the range of 8 ppm,
  • Item weight: 102 pounds, product dimensions: 19 X 18 x 43.5 inches, color: off white, components included: bypass valve, installation kit, softener system, and instruction manual

  • Easy to clean, auto regeneration, fit for hot and cold water, fulfill daily water needs, uses salt in moderation
  • Prevents potential skin problems by softening water, no itchy or dry skin,
  • No stubborn scale buildup on restroom and plumbing types of equipment
  • Prevents stains on water
  • The product may suffer some breakage awesome other problems immediately after the warranty period therefore check it out and take advantage of the warranty service when applicable
  • Leaking at the bypass valve may take place after some months, therefore, it is recommended to get it fixed during the warranty period
Now you do not have to worry about the brightness of clothes and the softness of the fabric. You are getting the softener system. Rest assured, as it provides you no worries guarantee. Everything coming in contact with water in your house is going to be healthy and fit.

8- Aquasure Water Softener 48,000 Grains

Aquasure Water Softener

Aquasure Water Softener w/Aquatrol Digital Head and 10″ Sediment Dual Purpose Whole House Water Filter (48,000 Grains) has been invented to supply the purest quality of water to your family. Its major purpose is to remove all the dirt and harsh chemicals from the water. It makes water soft and pure on the skin and the household appliances. It has two major purposes. The first one is to remove the larger particles by pre-filtering it. The second purpose is to remove harsh chemicals.

Product features

  • Ideal for a house with 3-4 bathrooms
  • Aquatrol control head with high efficiency and Sediment/GAC pre-filter
  • GAC water filter of 18 X 6X 6 inches, Brine tank of 36 X 15 X 15 inches and a Resin tank of 62 X 10 X 10 inches.
  • Capacity: 50,000 Gallons, item weight: 130 pounds, dimensions 12 X 12 X 62 inches, Size: 48,000 Grains
  • 3 types of regeneration: meter delayed control, meter immediate control and time clock delayed

  • Helps in increasing the life of the household appliances by removing the harsh impurities in water
  • Prevents clogging up of skin pores and skin irritation.
  • Saves water and it reduces maintenance cost.
  • It is strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable
  • It may occupy more space than your expectation
  • You may take time to understand the three types of regeneration
This is considered as the topwater softener because it provides spa-quality water. Its filter removes odors, color, test, chlorine, chemical and all the impurities with the help of sediment GAC water filter. It is exceptional in removing the dirt and it provides you with a wonderful experience.

9- Iron Pro 48K Combination – Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grains, Black

Iron Pro 48K Combination

Iron Pro 48K Combination Water Softener & Iron Filter with Fleck 5600SXT Digital Metered Valve – Treat Whole House up to (1″ Bypass 48,000 Grains, Black) is of plastic. It has the capacity to remove the highest quality of water hardness along with iron, manganese, sand, and rust. All these impurities are very harsh for your skin, water and clothes. Therefore it is a necessity to use a water softener. Now the water in your house will be completely free from scale buildup, redness because of rust and all other impurities.

Product features

  • 48000 green capacity, LCD display, touchpad controls, 48 Hour internal power backup and user-friendly interface
  • Installation video is emailed to the consumers
  • Fine mesh water softener resin that works in a compacted environment
  • Tanks made in the US, item weight: 53 pounds, product dimensions: 54 X 10 X 10 inches, water consumption: 45 gallons

  • Easy to install, auto regeneration when it needs,
  • Removes the highest water hardness and high amounts of iron up to the range of 6-8 ppm, Manganese up to the range of 6 ppm, rust, and sand
  • No difficult scrubbing to clean the appliances and fixtures to clean the scale buildup or slimy stain
  • Control valve with the life of up to 27 years,
  • Sometimes you may not receive the link of installation video and therefore it may be very troublesome
It is surely considered as the finest water system because it has the capacity to remove the highest hardness from water. If you are also suffering from problems like difficulty in operating the plumbing valves, hard water stains formed and your clothes are taking the redness because of rust; this product is simply perfect for you. The taste of the water is also highly enhanced. So you can be completely satisfied.

10- Tier1 Compatible 48,000 Grain – Plus 5 Stages RO System

Tier1 Compatible 48,000 Grain

Tier1 Compatible 48,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener + 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System with 4 Glass Water Bottles and a 10 Panel Water Test Kit is made up of the style of water softener along with the under-sink RO system. It includes a complete home system with a brine tank, valve with bypass, mineral tank, adaptor, etc. These types of equipment are highly efficient in the process of filtration. It provides high-quality water and it is earth-friendly. It is an exclusive product that offers you no worries guarantee.

Product features

  • 5 stage filtration system needs to be changed every 6 months, the membrane needs to be changed every 2 to 3 years
  • Installed at the point of entry of water to the house
  • Uses the process exchanging ions for removing sodium, magnesium, and calcium from hard water
  • Item weight: 111 pounds, product dimensions: 10 X 10 X 62 inches, product: softener + RO system, style: water softener + under sink RO system

  • Provides clean and tasty water with an easy to use LCD display for performing operations
  • Uses environment-friendly glass Bottles and not plastic bottles
  • Quick connect fittings on the train line, brine line, and power cord for the easy and fast installation process
  • Removes 48,000 Grains of hardness from water
  • Not enough details on how to use the product. Least tech support available
  • You need to take somebody’s help for installation if you are doing it for the first time
This product helps in getting rid of dry hair, dry skin, dull laundry, and scaling pipes. It specializes in removing all the dirt from hard water. So what are you waiting for, the order is just a click away!

11- Fleck 5600SXT 64,000 Grains

Fleck 5600SXT 64,000 Grain

Fleck 5600SXT 64,000 Grain Water Softener Digital SXT Metered Whole House System is an on-demand digital meter and water softener. It has a wonderful feature of an application. It is a scan and service app. This helps in providing all the technical documentation, details of spare parts and troubleshooting manual. There is a preloaded tank with reason in a fibreglass tank that is manufactured in the US. It has regeneration based on the meter which means that the regeneration takes place when it is needed.

Product features

  • 64000 Grain, 2.0 cubic feet of high capacity, Resin preloaded in the tank, brine tanks of 14 X 14 X 34 inches, black USA Pentair mineral, 1 inch Noryl threaded plastic bypass
  • Fibreglass Pentair mineral tank, regeneration based on meter process, fleck 5600 SXT metered control, holds around 250 LBS of salt
  • A paddle wheel meter that is upgraded, 1/2 inch drain barb, safety float, overflow elbow for brine tank
  • Item weight: 180 pounds, product dimensions: 14 X 12 X 12 inches.

  • Digital on demand water softener valves is Ultra efficient that helps in savings on salt and water
  • Installation is easy because of ship preloaded with Resin in the tank
  • Memory of up to 48 hours because of built-in capacitor, high capacity resin
  • No water messes because of safety float that prevents overfilling and the overflow drain that acts as an additional backup
  • Installation takes around 1-2 hours in case you do not have time.
  • It needs some basic skills of plumbing. If you are not familiar with it, you need somebody’s help.
If you are also facing the problem of reduced soap efficiency, stained clothes scale buildup on fixtures and appliances, here is the solution for all these problems.

Best Salt Free Water Softeners

Product NameRatingPrice
Triple Action Poly Salt Free⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tier1 Eco Series⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Eddy Electronic Water Descaler⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

12- Triple Action Poly Salt Free Water Softener

Triple Action Poly Salt Free Water Softener

Triple Action Water Softener is the product that tops our list for being the best salt free water softener in the market. That being said, this water softener softens the hard water perfectly so that you might be able to use the converted water for different purposes. In addition to that, the softener also comes with durable construction. That is, the use of premium quality materials allows it to work for a small or large household for many years to come. The working operation is also up to the mark. Right after you install this softener into your house, you will be able to enjoy soft water without any worries. The price tag, on the other hand, is more than 300 bucks. That’s the main reason you will be getting quality features from this salt-free softener for a long time without any worries. Long story short, Poly SaltFree Water Softener is going to ensure converted water that can be used either for washing dishes, clothes or for bathing easily.

Some important features you need to know regarding the best salt free water softener are as follows:

Product features

  • The first feature that this water softener comes in with is that it comes with a compact size. Hence, installing this softener into the house will be an easy task as it won’t be acquiring a large space.
  • The second most important feature you will be enjoying after getting this water softener is that it comes with an extra filter cartridge and a recharge kit. So, the initial maintenance cost will be extremely low for you.
  • Regarding the water softening properties, this softener makes sure that the hard water gets broken down into a softer version. In this way, you might be able to wash clothes or bathe without any worries.
  • One thing that you need to know regarding the best SaltFree water softener is that it comes with BPA Free certification. Hence, converted water is free from hazardous chemicals.
  • Compact design
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Comes with an extra cartridge
  • Converts hard water perfectly
  • A bit pricey
Poly Salt-Free Water Softener helps you use soft water in an ideal manner. So, better invest in it if you are planning for long-term use. Read detailed review here.

13- FutureSoft® Salt-Free Water Softener


The water softener from FutureSoft is indeed one of the premium softeners across the market. It offers to convert hard water using special technologies. That is, the conversion process is taken out without using any chemicals or salt at all. Hence, you will be able to use soft water that will look just natural. No matter what kind of chores you’ve got, using the converted water from this softener will make your work easier than one might think. That’s the main reason this water softener will cost you more than 1000 bucks. Yeah, you heard it right. The most expensive water softener has a price that no one can pay easily. So, I would be recommending you to think twice before you start thinking about this water softener. As far as the construction is concerned, it is sturdy as the softener will be working for you for many years to come.

Some notable features regarding one of the best salt free water softeners are as follows:

Product features

  • First of all, the best salt free water softener is wrapped with a neoprene sleeve which means that it is sturdy and durable. Hence, it will be able to help you convert hard water without any worries.
  • The company claims that this water softener can prevent up to 99.6% water scale making it as soft as possible. Keep in mind that the softener doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or salt to do so.
  • One of the best features regarding FutureSoft water softener is that it doesn’t let water leak at all. Hence there won’t be a discharge of salt brine into the environment, thus keeping the outside area eco-friendly.
  • The last feature that you should know about this softener is that the water it converts will enhance the life of different appliances you are using such as dishwashers or washing machines. Not only that but it also allows a person to bath with the water it converts.
  • Premium-quality design
  • Wrapped in a neoprene sleeve
  • Removes scaling from water
  • No leakage issues
  • No discharge of salt into the environment
  • Offers softened water without using any chemicals
  • Extremely expensive
  • Not affordable for everyone
The salt-free water softener from FutureSoft is meant for elite people. It offers to remove the hardness in the water to help you wash each thing perfectly. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.

14- Tier1 Eco Series Salt Free Water Softener with Chlorine Reduction System

Tier1 Eco Series

Tier 1 is the only brand that comes close to FutureSoft which removes hardness from the water perfectly. That being said, the best salt-free water softener can make sure that you never use hard water again. This water softener also has a top-notch construction. Plus, the working operation is extremely sophisticated. That is, you won’t be using the water that has been treated with chemicals or slat to remove hardness from it. As far as the price range is concerned, it’s a bit less than that of the softener that I have mentioned above. However, it still is out of range for people who are extremely low on budget. So, it would be better for you to consider your budget before you start thinking of Tier 1 water softener.

The best features offered by Tier 1 Eco Series are as follows:

Product features

  • It comes with a complete package. However, you will have to pay some extra bucks if you need expert installation.
  • Talking about the certifications, Tier 1 water softener has passed all the tests from NSF and ANSI 61. Hence, the water it converts is fine and won’t be harming you in any way.
  • This water softener comes with special chlorine reduction technology. So apart from the conversion process, it is also removing harmful contaminants from the water to make it as usable as possible.
  • Tier 1 offers a 100% guarantee on the filtration process that this water softener does. You can fully claim for a refund in case the water softener fails to deliver the desired results that might cause issues.
  • The last feature that you should know regarding the product is its compact size which means that it won’t be requiring a lot of space to cover. Just make sure that there is at least 3 to 4 ft. space available and the softener will get adjusted easily.
  • Top-notch water softener
  • Reduces chlorine from water
  • It comes with a complete package
  • Certified from NSF and ANSI 61
  • It offers soft and filtered water
  • Hefty price tag
  • Requires expert installation
Tier 1 Eco Series allows you to use water for different purposes without any worries. It is one of the most expensive water softeners available in the market that completely justifies the price tag it has got. Hence, my recommendation will be to consider it, especially if the budget is not an issue for you at all.

15- APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15

APEC Water Systems

The water softener from APEC Water Systems is not ordinary at all. It is going to cover at least 3 to 6 bathrooms without any worries. Yeah, you heard it right. The best salt free water softener can cover a large household while keeping the water as soft and light as possible. Finally, you will be able to use water that doesn’t affect the life of appliances at home. Apart from the water converting technology, this softener also has a premium quality construction. Plus, it doesn’t use harmful chemicals or salt to convert hard water into a softer one. In addition to that, the water softener has got a compact size so that it can get accommodated in small areas perfectly. Long story short, APEC Water Systems has made sure that their water softener could not leave the race of being a fierce competitor to other companies in the market.

Some notable features regarding APEC water softener are as follows:

Product features

  • The water softener is designed to convert hard water at a faster rate. Hence, the softener covers 6 bathrooms at once while providing 15 gallons of water per minute which is a huge number for sure.
  • The body of APEC water softener is long-lasting and the product, as a whole is maintenance-free. So, it doesn’t require any electricity, backwash or tends to drain any type of material into the outside environment.
  • The converting process of hard water is so soothing that it will enhance the life of appliances you use for washing purposes. Not only that but you will be able to take a bath as well.
  • Last but not least, the APEC salt-free water system comes with a 10-year limited warranty and lifetime expert support at the same time. So, while you are investing in this softener, you won’t have to worry about it at all.
  • Compact water softener
  • Removes harshness from water
  • Increases the lifespan of appliances
  • Maintenance-free body
  • Easy to install
  • It’s also expensive
  • No other cons
Better get your hands on one of the best salt-free water softeners in the market if you want to enjoy washing the dishes, or clothes or to bathe in the best possible manner. However, keep the budget factor in mind before you think of APEC water softener.

16- Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Water Softener Alternative

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is finally the last best salt-free water softener on our list with an affordable price range. This water softener is extremely easy to install and can remove hardness from water perfectly. That being said, it has a compact body design with durable construction. The use of premium quality materials enhances the efficiency as well as the sturdiness of this water softener for a long time. Other than that, the price tag that this water softener has got is extremely affordable as compared to the softeners that I have mentioned above. So, it would become a perfect choice for you especially if you are low on budget and are unable to invest in an expensive water softener.

The features that you need to know regarding the cheap salt-free water softener are as follows:

Product features

  • Eddy electronic water softener is extremely easy to install. That being said, it doesn’t require any expert installation as you can install it easily if you have a little knowledge of plumbing.
  • The converting process of this water softener is also unique. That is, this softener keeps the water soft while retaining the essential minerals in the water supply to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
  • One of the best features regarding this water softener is that it is eco-friendly. The softener doesn’t use salt or any other harmful material that might cause a hazard to your household.
  • Apart from that, the water softener is free from maintenance. This means that once you are successful in installing the water softener, you won’t be checking it again and again as it will be working at its finest for a long time.
  • Lastly, the best salt-free water softener comes with a 12 months guarantee. So, in case your softener malfunctions in the said time, you will be able to claim for a refund without any worries.
  • Long-lasting efficiency
  • Works on electricity
  • Affordable price range
  • Removes hardness from water
  • Retains essential minerals in the water
  • Ideal for small households or three bathrooms
  • Not for large households
  • Disrupt in electricity might cause issues
Eddy electronic water softener is finally a perfect choice for a person who is extremely low on budget. So, better invest in it before it runs out of your range.

Why You Need a Water Softener at Home?

The hard water has a lot of adverse effects that you need to be aware of. Hard water does not lather easily, and this means that you will be required to use a lot of soap while washing. Besides, one of the most disadvantages of using hard water is the fact that it stains clothes. White clothes washed with hard water can be stained and rendered unworthy putting on.

Additionally, hard water can have negative impacts on your skin as well. It often leads to itchy dry skin. This is because of having extreme levels of calcium and magnesium ions in water. Minerals accumulate in the skin to the extent that soap cannot penetrate through and eliminate them. Moreover, hard water leads to blockage of the pores on the skin and causing inflammation.

Furthermore, hard water stains sinks, and bathtubs. If you see any stain on the sink or tub, know it is the result of hard water. It is not only on the sinks and bathtubs, but staining also happens even on your clothes. Following graphic precisely describe why you should need a water softener and what are the benefits? 

Best Water Softener System

As we mentioned at the outset, water hardness can cause a lot of damages. You need a water softener to cushion you from the damages which may result from the use of the hard water.

The Benefits of Using a Water Softener

In light of the above, I believe you can mention several benefits of using water softeners. We have already discussed the problems that it can help you avoid. But the following are specific benefits of using hard water.

  • Saves money

Using water softeners means you are going to have water without mineral ions. This means there will be no buildup of scales in your appliances. Importantly, there will be no clogging of your water pipes, and therefore you will save a lot of money from repairs. Additionally, clogged pipes require a lot of pressure for water to pass through, and this increases the overall costs of water.

Using soft water lessens the adverse effects of hard water on your appliances and laundry machines. Also, the buildup of scale in these appliances reduces their lifespan. Soft water will shield you from these negative impacts. We earlier mentioned that hard water does not quickly lather with soap. Using water softener will help you save on soap and detergents.

  • Smooth and nourished skin

Studies show the use of hard water has the potential to cause acne. Individuals plagued with acne are advised to use bottled or distilled water to clean their faces. As we earlier stated, the use of hard water negatively affects the skin. It makes it itchy and hard. The mineral ions in the water close the pores on the skin, and this can cause inflammation. Bathing using soft water prevents these problems. It deters acne, skin rashes, and eczema.

The use of hard water negatively affects your hair, as well. The right pH is needed for proper and healthy hair. That is precisely what soft water ensures. It balances the level of pH of the hair. As a result, the hair appears dry, brittle and curled.

  • Brighter and Softer Clothes

Water softener deters the negative impacts on your clothes. The clothes will always appear newer and last longer as opposed to using hard water. It is the mineral ions in hard water that causes clothes to stain and their colors to fade. Using soft water saves you from this problem. Moreover, soft water dissolves in clothes with ease and makes cleaning very effective. Using hard water leaves mineral deposits on the fabric, and thus the clothes fade over time. Soft water dissolves detergents with ease, and therefore there will be no need of using fabric softeners.

bright cloth

  • Cleaner Dishes

Using hard water makes it difficult to maintain cleaner dishes and other kitchen appliances. Irrespective of how many times you wash them or the detergent you use, they appear cloudy upon drying. Using water softener solves the root cause of this problem.

  • Saves Cleaning Time

Cleaning using hard water requires a lot of time and more effort. Using water softener solves the problem of using hard water, including time wastage. Soft water lathers easily with soap, and therefore you will be able to save the time necessary you take in cleaning regularly.

What to Consider While Buying a Water Softener?

Selecting an ideal water softener is quite a difficult task, to be honest. That’s the main reason why we have created this buying guide to help you find a suitable product.

Some important features that you need to consider before investing in a water softener are as follows:

  1. Your Needs

The first thing that you need to sort out is your needs. That being said, there are different types of water softeners available in the market with advantages and disadvantages.

If the water you are using is extremely harsh, then you should be investing in salt-based water softeners. However, keep in mind that these softeners are not affordable and you have to take care of their maintenance at the same time.

Similarly, if the water you are using has a medium hardness level, then you should think about getting a salt-free water softener. They are available at affordable price ranges and will be able to keep the water neutralized for a long time.

Lastly, if the water usage level is high in your house. That is, if you need a water softener for a large household, then you must invest in a dual tank water softener as such a softener will never run out of soft water.

So, it would be better for you to figure out your needs before you start thinking of getting a water softener.

  1. Size Matters

The second thing that you should be aware of regarding a water softener is that size matters. Your priority should be getting a water softener that doesn’t acquire so much space in your house.

This way, you might be able to use soft water for different purposes without any worries.

  1. Go For a Maintenance Free Water Softener

If you are thinking about a long-term investment, then it would be better for you to consider purchasing a softener that has a maintenance-free body.

If you opt for a maintenance-free water softener, then you won’t have to worry about the salt brine discharge in the outside environment. You will be keeping the environment clean while taking full advantage of the product as well.

  1. Salt-Free Water Softeners Have More Advantages

Keep in mind that salt-free water softeners have more advantages. They are eco-friendly. Plus, such softeners don’t use any harmful chemicals or water to convert the hard water into soft water.

So, if you are thinking of a water softener that has more benefits than downfalls, then the only suitable choice will be to select a salt-free water softener.

  1. Budget Matters

A standard water softener with limited features will be costing you at least 200 to 500 bucks. However, if you are planning to get a premium water softener, then you have to keep at least $1500 in your pocket.

So, keep in mind that water softeners aren’t that affordable as one might think.

The Most Popular Types of Water Softeners

  1. Salt-Based Water Softener

The first type of softeners on our list is a Salt-based softener. These softeners use salt to convert hard water into a softer version. The process through which salt-based water softeners soften the water is known as ion-exchange.

During this process, salt-based water softeners have got resin beds. These resin beds after reaching a saturation point indicate that there is the hardness in the water. As a result, by using salts like sodium and potassium, ion-exchange phenomena take place. Sodium and potassium are replaced by hard minerals in the water such as calcium and magnesium.

Hence, water is softened in this process and can be used for washing dishes, clothes and can be used for bathing as well.

  1. Salt Free Water Softener

The most preferred softeners these days are the salt-free water softeners. Such softeners use a special method to neutralize the hard water so that it can be used for different purposes.

The working operation involves the process of TAC abbreviated as Template Assisted Crystallization. So, what a salt-free water softener does is that it hardens the minerals of hard water in such a way that it won’t stick on the surface of appliances that you are using for different purposes.

So, in a broader sense, it might be said that salt-free water softeners actually don’t soften the water. They only neutralize it to make sure that it can be used for different purposes.

  1. Dual Tank Water Softeners

Dual Tank, commonly known as twin tank water softeners are used to soften the water in an ideal manner. A water softener with dual tanks will never run out of soft water. Why? Because when one tank is done with providing soft water, the other tank will be available and while the other one is in use, the previous one can start regenerating soft water.

Learn it in this sense that there would be a supply of soft water whenever you need it. That is, a single tank water softener isn’t able to offer soft water when it is regenerating. However, this is not the case with dual tank softeners as they are meant for providing soft water without any worries.

  1. Magnetic Water Descalers

The least common water softeners in the market these days are Magnetic water Descalers. These softeners use a magnetic field that will alter the hard minerals present in water. As a result, the water can be used for washing clothes or dishes for at least 48 hours. 4

The only disadvantage with magnetic water softeners is that the converted water should be used in 48 hours only. The water will regain it’s hard chemical properties right after 48 hours.

Water Softeners 2020 Comparison Table

Product NameWeight (Pounds)Dimensions (inches)Capacity (Grain)
1. Fleck 5600SXT20.827 x 17 x 6248,000
2. Aquasure Harmony Series12010 x 10 x 6048,000
3. DURAWATER Fleck 5600 SXT Iron Pro12054 x 10 x 1048000
4. Iron Pro 2 Combination119.514 x 7 x 2164000
5. Tier1 Everyday Series10.415.5 x 15.5 x 66.548000
6. Whirlpool WHES30E10219 x 18 x 43.530000
7. Aquasure Water Softener13012 x 12 x 6248000
8. Iron Pro 48K Combination5354 x 10 x 1048000
9. Tier1 Everyday Series + RO System11110 x 10 x 6248000
10. Fleck 5600SXT18048 x 12 x 1264000
How water softeners work

Final Verdict

The water softeners help you lead a healthy life. Apart from skin allergy and healthy hair, everything that uses water leads a long life if soft water rushes into them. Everything comes to an end and so, this is our complete guide for water softener system reviews. We tried our best to bring up-to-date information about water softeners available in the market. Spending some money on water softener can avoid a lot of problems with repairs and damages of the articles that are caused by hard water.

This post contains all the information you need to pick up the best water softener system according to your budget and requirements. However, If you are still confused, we suggest you check our top picks above. We always welcome your feedback and appreciate your comments. If you like the post, please give your feedback and share it on social media. Thanks!