AquaBliss Shower Filter Review

Taking a bath isn’t only for maintaining your body hygiene. It can be an excellent treatment for your skin, hair, and nails. But only if you use a filtered shower that is free from contaminations.

Showering in water with high chlorine levels pose problems to your health. Connecting Aquabliss shower filter helps reduce the contaminants in your water shower and help you get the calming bath that you always want. Unlike other brands, this unit uses a radical system instead of carbon.

AquaBliss Shower Filter Review

It’s powerful in reducing unpleasant smells, bacteria, water-metals, and any other hard water-related issues. This system will solve your problems all at once while giving you a relaxing bath moment. Continue reading AquaBliss Shower Filter Review to determine why Aquabliss is worth being your first choice among all other filtration system picks.

Features of AquaBliss Shower Filter

1- The general appearance of all the existing models

All models have a multi-stage filtration containing cartridges with a KDF-55 filter. Each type gets a one-year guarantee from the manufacturers.

2- The filter unit structure

The system perfectly fits on the showerhead, amidst the pipe and showerhead. The filter is attachable to any design of the showerhead. It’s designed to match all styles. It tolerates any type of water temperature without breaking down. Few picks of handheld showerhead models come with high-pressure showerheads.

3- Filter cartridge’s appearance

Aquabliss system is accompanied by a free filter cartridge. The replacement will be needed after about six months after it seizes to function appropriately.

Performance of AquaBliss filter

Aquabliss awesomeness in performance is what attracts people to it. It uses a 12-stage principle in its functionality purposes. This principle softens water, and traps and destroys unwanted materials present in water. Moreover, it reduces chlorine levels, prevents scale formation, increases oxygen levels, fills the water with Vitamin C, and kills all other impurities.

The capacity of Aquabliss is 10,000 to 12,000 gallons, equivalent to about 6 months of usage. The flowing rate effectiveness depends on the contaminants present. All in all, the pressure is good enough for a nice shower.

The first two stages of the AquaBliss system get rid of substances like dust and any other small elements available. The next three steps use carbon, redox factor, and calcium sulfite to kill chlorine from cold and hot water. Stages six to ten maximizes the oxygen levels in the water and boosts vitamins C, minerals, and many other useful elements.

Finally, the last two stages prevent trapped substances from leaking through the showerhead. The filtration method it applies makes it a go-to option in the market. The components can function properly for six months. From there, replacements will be needed anytime. So, maintaining it is a cinch.

Installation guidelines of aqua bliss shower filter

The aqua bliss shower filter package comes with all the necessary tools for installation. The process is easy, and you can do it yourself without needing to be a qualified plumber. In the kit, there is a user guideline with all the necessary details for the project.

All you have to do is screw the system on the shower pipe, and connect the showerhead on the top. Make sure you follow the instructions step by step, you can use the images to make accurate fixations. You should rinse the filter before installing it at the showerhead, to flush out any carbon trapped on it. Opening the filter housing is quite complicated.

  • The installation is uncomplicated when compared with other brands
  • The filtration principle it applies provides a comprehensive benefits platform, including offering minerals and vitamins to the body
  • It’s cost-friendly
  • It’s quite heavyweight
  • Available in only one color
  • Doesn’t remove chloramine from water
  • The showerhead is not included in the kit

FAQs for AquaBliss Shower Filter

The Bottom Line

Aquabliss shower filter is a fantastic product to install in your home. Skin is delicate and severe precautions are needed to ensure it’s in perfect condition. This unit does more than you think. Apart from making your skin and hair pleasant-looking, it gives you a sweet-smelling shower and fills your body with essential minerals.

The fact that it’s only found in one color shouldn’t make you miss out. The benefits are much too good to allow the color limitations stop you from buying it. Hopefully, the AquaBliss Shower Filter Review has given all details that show why people are crazy about this product. Reach out to any aqua bliss brand and acquire yourself a shower filter to have a fulfilling bathing moment!