Berkey Shower Filter Review

Shower acts as an excellent high-spirit starter before leaving for work in the morning, and a relaxant after having a long tiring day. Bathing is considered a cure that makes you feel relaxed and calm.

However, a shower can be a threatening moment for you if the water is not treated. Untreated water makes diseases like asthma and eczema more terrifying. Moreover, if your water is hard, your hair can turn dull, and your skin becomes irritating and extremely dry.

berkey shower filter review

Instead of having a hassle-free moment, you can be sure of having an uncomfortable experience after taking your shower. Enough of bad news, Berkey shower filter is ideally the solution to your problem. All you have to do is go through this article to grasp all knowledge you need and install it in your home.

Features of Berkey shower filter

  • Tolerant to both cold and hot water
  • Minimizes 95% of chlorine content
  • Decreases chemical supply in the body
  • Kills bad smells
  • Minimizes hydrogen sulfide
  • Contains a full-flow filter, ensuring the uniform circulation of water in the system
  • Simple installation guidelines with a replaceable cartridge accompanied by self-attached threads
  • The pressure capacity is 60 PS
  • Has a backflush component to prevent clogging in the system

Performance of the Berkey filter

This filter is designed to satisfy individuals who want to shower in super clean water, free from chlorine contaminants. Besides removing 95% of chlorine, the structure eliminates hydrogen sulfide and dangerous water-metals like lead, scale, and rust. With such elements gone, your shower will be enjoyable and itchy-free to your skin.

You probably wonder why you should take the bother to look for this unit, yet you can outlook the conveniences it brings. The truth is, the removal of these substances is more advantageous than you think. Here are the remaining gainful points to check:

  • You’ll get a relaxing, pleasant, and odorless shower
  • Your hair and skin will be safe and free from impurities
  • You’ll inhale fewer chemicals while taking your bath, making you have a clean breath

Advantages of the filter

Berkey is worth being your first choice. Although it doesn’t have hundreds of advantages, what it provides is satisfying and customer-friendly.

  • It’s suitable for both temperatures: cold and hot water.
  • It rarely interferes with the water pressure. On occasions that it does, there is a backflush feature that allows you to eliminate substances that accumulate on the shower system. Returning the force to its usual self.
  • It’s flexible since you can add any handheld shower head that customs a hose to the filter. As long as they have the same size.
  • It saves space and has a simple design
  • The manufactures offer great deals to their clients. They also give a six-month warranty and ready to replace any product that is unsatisfying to the user.

Disadvantages of the Filter

Like any product, Berkey, too, has things to complain about. However, the disadvantages are manageable.

  • Some users claim that they received damaged items as their delivery. Such occasions can be avoided if the buyer is keen to check their product immediately. They arrive and report soonest to the manufacturers.
  • It does not soften water. Some claim that the water still feels the same even after filtration. But this is a minor short side if your priority is to have a contaminant-free shower.
  • Only a few chlorine contents are removed. Berkey reduces the chlorines level by adding high chloramines. As a result, the smell may remain the same until the chlorine is reduced.
  • It costs higher than other filter brands


Installing a Berkey filter is uncomplicated. Remove the showerhead, and nut the filter on the water source. Use Teflon tape to seal the threads; to prevent leakage. Reconnect the head to the front screen, and your work is accomplished.

Berkey brand build trust with their clients and they maintain a friendly relationship with them. Don’t hesitate to give them a call if you need any help with the installation project.

FAQs Regarding Berkey Shower Filter

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The Bottom Line

Drinking water shouldn’t be the only concern when considering water purification. A shower is an important aspect that needs consideration if you want full assurance of good health. With Berkey, you’ll have a healthier and more comfortable shower.

No more having itchy experiences after taking your bath. All you have to do is look at the information provided in this article and make your move. Don’t miss this opportunity of purchasing an all-time satisfying item!