Berkey Vs Brita – Which Brand Is Best For Water Filters?

In our guide of Berkey vs Brita, you will know which brand is best for water filters? Likewise, these water filter systems are ideal for making water free of contaminants.

Brita water filter is ideal for those people who want a short-term solution for having clean water. This water filter will purify the water quickly, and it has an affordable price.

Berkey Vs Brita

On the other hand, the Berkey filter is not a portable option. This water filter is ideal for long-term usage, and it requires low maintenance.

Below we’ll discuss the features of Berkey vs Brita so you can conveniently choose one water filter system. Surely, our comparison will help you to make the best decision among Berkey vs Brita filter.

Comparison of Berkey Vs Brita

Are you struggling to choose between Berkey vs Brita water filter? No doubt, both water filters are impressive, and they have several advantages. But wait, let us tell you something! You have to choose the water filter system as per your need.

After reading the comparison of Berkey vs Brita, you will decide which is better for you. Moreover, we recommend buying the Berkey filter if you don’t have much time for maintenance. The Berkey water filters are very low maintenance.

However, the price of Berkey water filter is higher than Brita’s. Additionally, the Berkey water filter is not portable, and you will have difficulty in carrying it. On the other hand, the Brita water filter has a portable design.

Although the Brita water filter is the best short-term solution and needs filter maintenance every 2 months, let us clear one thing: Berkey filters have better quality than Brita. Also, the Berkey filters are durable.

In addition, the Berkey filter is the best long term solution. However, the Berkey water filter system doesn’t have NSF certification that makes it less reliable than Brita.

Performance Of Brita Vs Berkey Water Filter

Now we will compare the performance of Brita vs Berkey water filter.


Many people prefer buying the Brita water filter because it has NSF certifications. Indeed, it has impressive performance, and you can conveniently remove up to 12 contaminants with the help of Brita. Other than that, the Brita filter is convenient to install, and you will have an ergonomic handle with it.

Brita’s water filter is quick and will remove all the 12 contaminants from a water reservoir in 10 minutes. However, you have to remove the filter of Brita after every 2 months.


The Berkey water filter comes with an impressive performance, and it will last longer than Brita. This Berkey water filter has a lifespan of 5 years, and you will be surprised to know the contaminant removing capacity of Berkey. It’s 200 +.

Therefore, if you feel there are any contaminants in your house or office water, install a Berkey water filter. And the good news? The Berkey water filter will filter 2.7 gallons of water in 2 hours; likewise, if you want to increase your Berkey’s capacity, then install other elements with it.

So the Berkey Vs Brita – Which Brand Is Best For Water Filters To Buy? It depends on your need and budget.

Capability Of Filtering The Water – Berkey Vs Brita

It is very crucial to know the filtering capability of the water filter before purchasing it. In addition, you should know what the hardness level of water that you need to filter is. Besides that, the filter should be according to the need of water that needs softening.

The contaminants present in your water should be similar to water filtering capacity to remove them. So if the water has many contaminants, we recommend buying the Berkey water filter because it can filter more than 200 plus contaminants.

Best of all, the Berkey water filter will remove all the bacteria from the water, and you will have pure water. In fact, you will have a good quality of water after it is filtered with the Berkey filter.

The water will not have any hard contaminants, and you can install the Brita filter to remove the viruses from the water.

Brita filter comes with the NSF certification, and it will provide the cleanest water from drinking. So if you need to safeguard your family from diarrhea and other water-related diseases, install the Brita water filter system at home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brita and Berkey

The advantages and disadvantages of Brita and Berkey are the following:

Brita Advantages

  • Affordable filter and pitcher
  • NSF certifies it
  • Portable device
  • Quick filtration ability
  • Removes up to 12 contaminants from water

Brita Disadvantages

  • The filter is not durable
  • pitcher requires frequent refilling

Berkey Advantages

  • Long-lasting filter and parts
  • Durable material of stainless steel
  • Removes up to 200 contaminants from water easily
  • Removes hard ions conveniently
  • Long-term solution

Berkey Disadvantages

  • It doesn’t have the certification of NSF
  • It is not a portable device

To Sum Up

As there are various home water filters available in the market, you might be confused. Thus, the comparison of the famous water filters will make your decision easier. Although the water filter systems are expensive and you have to choose it wisely because it isn’t a one-time investment.

After reading Berkey vs Brita’s complete guide, you will answer which brand is best for water filters? Do not forget to check the water filter capacity and other specifications to make the best decision.

Additionally, you have to look for both water filter systems’ advantages and disadvantages before checking out. Possibly, you don’t need to read any other guide about the Berkey vs Brita – Which Brand is best for water filters? Because we have mentioned all the information.

All in all, both water filter systems have different specs, so the choice depends on your household needs.

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