11 Best Water Softener Resins in 2020 – In Depth Reviews

A water softener functions as converting hard water into soft water by the exchange of ions. Having said that, there is a greater contribution of resin bed available in a softener that resists the harshness of water so that ion exchange can take place.

So, one thing on which every person is going to agree with me is that resin bed doesn’t work after a specific time. That is, a replacement should be there so that the softener works in an ideal condition.

That’s the main reason you need the best water softener resin to ensure softness in water. Fortunately, for this purpose, I have already compiled a list of some of the Top water softener resins.

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Are you in a Rush? Here are our Top Picks

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Need to read in more details? So, let’s have a look at them one by one:

Top 11 Water Softener Resins

Product NameQuantityCross-Linking %
AFWFilters SOFRES11 cubic ft.8%
Aquatrol Water Softener Resin1 cubic ft.8%
LiquaGen Water Softening Resin1.5 cubic ft.10%
Oceanic Water Systems Water Softening Resin1 cubic ft.10%
iFilters Water Softener Resin0.25 cubic ft.8%
Amanzi CATION-50-BOX1 cubic ft.8%

1- AFWFilters SOFRES1 – Best Water Softener Resin 2020


The replacement resin from AFWFilters tops our list for being an ideal replacement in a water softener. It is contained in a sturdy and durable package so that it might be used without any worries. As far as the water softening capabilities are concerned, SOFRES1 is a perfect choice. It increases the ion exchange within the softener so that you will be provided with a good amount of soft water. On the other hand, this water softening resin is perfect for almost all standard water softeners. You won’t need to worry about the replacement process as it can easily be replaced in almost every softener. In addition to that, the price it has got is a bit more than one could expect but that’s what you have to pay especially if you are thinking of a long-term replacement.

Some important features are as follows:

Features You Need to Know

The total amount of resin contained in one bag is 1 cubic foot. Having said that, such amount is more than enough to make a resin bed inside a standard full-fledged water softener without any worries.

Besides, the long-lasting life of AFWFilters water softening resin makes it an ideal choice for large and small households. The company claims that this resin is expected to last for 12 to 15 years which is huge.

On the other hand, the water softening resin has also been approved by the likes of the USDA, NSF, and FDA. Hence, it’s a perfect choice to convert hard water into a softer one without causing any health hazards.

One other feature that you need to know regarding one of the water softener resins in the market is that it can be replaced easily. There is a user guide available within the bag that will show you the complete process to replace the resin bed inside your softener.

Last but not least, the resin may be shipped into two bags instead of one for keeping the material as protected as possible. Hence if you are considering this resin for your softener, it might get delivered to you without any worries.


Although the resin is perfect for different water softeners, it might cause a difference in how water tastes. That is, many customers have reported the smelly water issue which tastes like someone is drinking plastic.

  • Best Seller / Postive customer reviews
  • High-capacity water softener resin.
  • It can be replaced easily
  • Contained in two sturdy bags
  • Ideal for standard water softeners
  • Removes hardness from water
  • Perfect for large households
  • A bit pricey
  • Makes water taste like plastic

Final Views

The resin from AFWFilters offers to resist hard water in a perfect way. However, it still has some minor tweaks that need to be addressed. So, better go for it only if you don’t use soft water for drinking purposes.

2- Aquatrol Water Softener Resin – Best Resin for Standard Water Softeners

Water Softener Resin 8% Cross linked

Aquatrol is yet another company competing with many water softening resin brands out there. As far as the quality of this resin is concerned, it is top-notch. Yeah, this resin can resist hard water perfectly. Having said that, it offers 100% ion exchange to remove hard minerals from the water. So, the water becomes soft in this way that can be used for different purposes. The complete package, on the other hand, is made from premium materials to avoid any accidents. The price tag, although it is a bit higher than expected but that’s what you have to pay to taste soft water without any hazardous or foul smell.

Some notable features regarding this product are as follows:

Features You Need to Know

First of all, this water softener resin is 8% cross-linked. Cross-linking helps in stabilizing the pH of hard water. On the other hand, it also removes hard particles from the water to ensure softness perfectly.

On the other hand, Aquatrol resin also comes with a 100% ion-exchanging feature. Hence, once you install it in your water softener, the quality of water will be improved sufficiently so that it can be used for different purposes.

This water resin is easy to install. The package can be held easily to be poured inside the tank of the water softener. Other than that, a user guide is also available to show you a complete process of replacing the resin bed.

Additionally, one of the best water softener resins has also been certified by the likes of FDA and NSE. In this way, it makes sure that the resin complies with health standards and won’t cause any issues to your health.

Last but not least, the resin for softening water complies with all standard Grain water softeners. That being said, it can also be used with residential water softeners for removing harshness from the water in an ideal manner.


Aquatrol is a famous water softener resin and there’s no doubt in the quality it offers. However, the price is a bit more than one could expect and that’s the main reason many people aren’t able to afford it.

  • Ideal for residential water softeners.
  • 100% ion exchanging quality
  • Confined in a durable bag
  • Certified by FDA and NSE
  • Softens the water perfectly
  • 8% cross-linked
  • A bit expensive
  • No other cons

Final Views

Aquatrol resin is undoubted, the best water softening resin available in the market. However, the price tag it has got is a bit expensive and I’ll be recommending you to take a look at your pocket before you consider this resin.

3- LiquaGen Water Softening Resin – Most Expensive Resin 2019

Water Softening Ion Exchange Resin

The water softening resin from LiquaGen is the most expensive resin available on our list and even in the market. It’s actually a 1.5 cubic feet resin material packaged in two bags. Having said that, the best water softener resin is designated to increase the life of a water softener. Other than that, it also makes a huge difference in converting hard water into soft pure water. In addition to that, there is a free rein loading funnel available within the resin which makes sure that the material is poured down into the tank without causing any mess at all. To put it simply, one can say that this water softening resin completely justifies the price tag it has got by increasing the hardness converting the ability of the softener.

Some notable features regarding this resin are as follows:

Features You Need to Know

This water softener resin works with a strong acid cation exchange process. In this way, no matter how harsh the water is, it will be converted by the softener using the resin bed from LiquaGen in the best possible manner.

On the other hand, the best water softener resin is also tested from the lab and is found to be a perfect replacement. Not only that, but the company claims that in case it doesn’t work as expected, you will be refunded the money without any single doubt.

There is a free resin loading funnel available within the resin. Hence, you won’t be needing to spend more money either to get a funnel or to hire a plumbing expert who can replace the resin bed in the tank.

One of the best water resins being 10% cross-linked offers improved physical and chemical stability to the water softener. In this way, the function of the resin is enhanced to convert hard water into a softer version in an ideal manner.

Finally, LiquaGen resin also can reduce the scale building residue. So, right after you replace the older resin bed with the one from LiquaGen it is going to work for you for a long time.


The only issue with LiquaGen water softening resin is that it has got an expensive price tag. However, people are still satisfied as they are investing in this resin no matter how expensive it is.

  • 1.5 cubic feet of water softening resin
  • 10% cross-linked
  • Ideal for standard water softeners
  • Comes with acid cation action
  • A free resin loading funnel is present
  • Confined in a durable package
  • Expensive price tag
  • Not for people with low budget

Final Views

Better get your hands on LiquaGen water softening resin if you are facing hard water issues at your home. It will be a gamechanger in converting hard water perfectly to ensure smoothness in water.

4- Oceanic Water Systems Water Softening Resin

Water Softening Resin Upgraded 10% Cross Linked

Oceanic Water Systems is a newly emerging resin brand in the market with a brand new resin bag. It has been liked by people so far as they are convinced by the fast action of converting hard water into soft water perfectly. So, the best water softener resin can replace the resin bed already present in the softener. In this way, it enhances the efficiency of the softener by making sure that the harshness in water has been replaced perfectly. The resin although it has a price tag of around 150 bucks, is worth a try. That’s because it is going to work for you for many years to come for sure.

The features offered by Oceanic Water Systems water softener resin are as follows:

Features You Need to Know

Just like the resin that I have mentioned above, this one also has 10% cross-linking which makes sure that there is strong ion exchange in the water that has to be converted. In this way, the water remains soft and pure.

In addition to that, this water softener resin comes with a long-lasting life. Having said that, it would be able to work for you for many years to come without causing any issue to the water softener.

The compatibility factor is also high. Oceanic Water Systems resin can work with any standard water softener. That being said, it plays a crucial role in converting hard water perfectly.

100% ion exchange is also offered by this resin. So, in this way, the water converted can easily be used either for bathing, for washing clothes and for using it in the dishwashers without any worries.

Last but not least, this water softener resin has also been approved by the likes of FDA and NSE. Therefore, it becomes easier for a person to put his trust in this resin as it won’t be causing any hazard for the health.


Oceanic Water Systems resin offers high-quality cation material to be used in a water softener. However, it has a high price tag which is the reason many people are unable to invest in it.

  • 10% cross-linked water softener resin
  • Works with standard water softeners
  • Ideal for large residential areas
  • Increase the lifespan of water softener
  • 100% ion exchange process
  • Confined in a sturdy package
  • Extremely expensive

Final Views

The water resin from Oceanic Water Systems makes it easier for a softener to convert hard water into soft water. Hence, consider it especially budget is not an issue for you.

5- iFilters Water Softener Resin – Cheap Water Softener Resin

Water Softener Resin Media Replacement

iFilters Water Softener Resin is a perfect choice for a person with a low budget range. Having said that, this resin offers to replace the already old rein bed perfectly to increase the efficiency of the water softener in the best possible manner. In addition to that, it is also contained in a sturdy package that protects it either from the outside environment or from leakage of the material. As far as the price range is concerned, it is pretty affordable considering the features that this resin offers.

Features You Need to Know

This water softener resin comes with an ability to exchange 100% ions. In this way, the hard water is converted to soft water without causing any issues for the softener at all.

Secondly, iFilters resin also has an 8000-grain capacity. So, it is ideal for small residential areas in which the need for soft water is not as high as compared to large households.

On the other hand, iFilters water softener resin is also certified from NFC which clear the resin from all kind of hazardous worries. Therefore, it becomes a perfect choice for people who want to drink soft water.

Finally, the best resin is a perfect choice for any standard water softener. So you can easily consider it no matter what kind of softener you have at home.


There are no major downfalls with the resin. However, the quantity is less and that’s the main reason it won’t work for large households.

  • 100% ion-exchange
  • Ideal for small households
  • Resists hard water perfectly
  • Not for large households
  • No other cons

Final Views

Get your hands on the resin by iFilters if you need to replace the old resin bed of your water softener with a low-budgeted resin.

6- Amanzi CATION-50-BOX – Best Water Softener Resin Under 100

HI-Capacity Water Softening Resin

Finally, the last best water softener resin on our list is from Amanzi. It is a 1/2 cubic feet resin material contained in a durable package that can be used in different water softeners so that the softener might be able to work in the best possible way. Having said that, this resin also has an expensive price tag, but the features it offers completely justifies it. That’s the main reason I’ll be recommending you invest in this resin.

Features You Need to Know

Amanzi Cation resin comes with 100% ion-exchange ability to convert hard water into softer in a perfect way.

On the other hand, it is also compatible with almost all standard water softeners.

Finally, the water softener resin can last for a long time. The expected time for which it can work perfectly is around 10 years.


Price is an issue for this resin. Other than that, the quality is top-notch.

  • For small and commercial households
  • Compatible with standard water softeners
  • 100% ion exchange is offered
  • 8% cross-linked
  • A bit expensive

Final Views

Get your hands on Amanzi Cation water softener resin as soon as possible as it will be improving the quality of water you use perfectly.

7- R1-20 CR Spotless Resin

R1-20 CR Spotless Resin

This product can be counted as the best water softener resin. It has such a great history with the customers. It has been said to give off good results irrespective of where it has been used. You can use it for car cleaning and it will do an excellent job. It is tested to be easy to use resin by numerous customers.

Features You Need to Know:

It uses the ion exchange technique which will get you good quality water which is healthy for use. This resin can work for dissolving many water hardening chemicals. That results in healthy water to use.

This resin is easy to handle and many customers have been using it for years due to its durability and promising performance.

The resin quickly changes the quality of water so you won’t have to wait for the transformation. It will keep the water pressure good and water softener efficient.

Lastly, this water softener contains the ability that makes it sustainable for prolonged use. the beads might get some tint on them after some usage but the performance will stay matchlessly amazing. The good product quantity adds beauty to its features.


There was a gradual price top-up recently in this product which was a problem for some people. Regardless, it is still one of the best resins present out there that you can get at such a low price.

  • Affordable price
  • Good product quantity
  • Efficient after many uses
  • Quick conversion
  • Easy to use
  • The only con is increase in its price which comparatively is non-existential

Final Views:

It is a good choice for efficient conversion. If you want to stay under a budget limit and get yourself a good resin then try it.

8- Watts A4004033B

Watts A4004033B RV Pro

This resin is an inexpensive solution to all of your water softener related issues. The company that manufactures it has made sure that you get to experience the best of resin for good water softening experience. There are many important features of this resin. Let’s delve into some!

Features You Need to Know:

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging of this resin. This resin is good enough when it comes to the quality of its resin beads. But, the packaging is unfortunately not customer friendly.

You will need to use a funnel to pour in the resin into the cartridge. So, beware of any spills and make sure you take enough care of it while pouring it.

It is a 1/3 CU FT bag that can work well for the replacement of 10,000 grains. These resins might require more amounts of the beads but can do a good job when it comes to the transformation of water.

It is recommended that you keep changing these resins every 9 months of frequent water transformation for better results of the water softener.


The low-quality packaging might be a downfall you face. It does not support user-friendly nature. So, be careful while pouring it.

  • Good price
  • Good product quantity
  • Quick transformation
  • Durable product
  • Poor packaging

Final Views:

This product is a good getaway for the ones who are price conscious and don’t need resin replacement for a large place.

9- Tier1 IER-100

Tier1 IER-100 Ion Exchange

This 0.88 cubic foot comes with high-quality resin beads for water softener replacement which solves many significant resin-based issues of the water softeners. By choosing between getting this resin, I must say you would make a wise choice. To know more about it, let’s look into its features.

Features You Need to Know:

It uses the ion exchange technique to get the best transformation of hard water into soft water. The high cat-ion formed during the process will get you good high-quality water.

It has good quantity and quality to work perfectly for residential use as well as for commercial use.

The resin also contains the ability to reduce the scum formation which will prolong the life span of your water softener.

The 0.88 cubic feet bag serves well with its quality when you use it in the water softener. Whereas, the quantity of this resin bag makes it a good investment for long term use.


The water pressure might feel decreased with time which can be an issue since it slows down any work that you would be doing.

  • Reasonable price
  • Good packaging
  • High-quality resin beads
  • 0.88 cubic feet resin
  • Ion exchange technique
  • Bad customer support

Final Views:

This resin is a good replacement since it provides you both quality and quantity within a reasonable price.

10- Purolite C100E

Purolite C100E Resin

This resin gives good service to the consumers. It contains high-quality techniques to cope with hard water and resultantly giving off healthy drinkable water. It is good enough to be used on a large scale where you might face highly hard water.

Features You Need to Know:

It has the 1.0 cubic feet of resins per bag which does a considerably good job.

The mechanism that it uses is high cat-ion which will get you the results that you want.

It is suitable for using at commercial level as well as a residential level.

It helps in prolonging the life of the water softener that you are using.


No apparent downfall.

  • Hefty quantity of product
  • Reasonable price
  • Works well at commercial level
  • No apparent cons

Final Views:

This is a good resin for your water softener replacement if price is nothing to worry you.

How to Select The Best Water Softener Resin in 2020? Complete Guide

Selecting a water softener resin is quite tricky especially when your water softener is not working on an optimum level. One of the reasons people fail to invest in a high-efficiency water softener resin is that they don’t have enough knowledge about how this product works.

So, to make sure that you can choose a perfect water softener resin in 2020, I’ve decided to make a list of some important features that you should consider at all costs.

Have a look at them one by one:

  1. Highly Reactive/Efficient:

One of the first important features you need to keep in mind regarding choosing a water softener resin is that it must be highly reactive. That said, you need to make sure that the resin you are about to buy can easily increase the efficiency level of the softener.

In this regard, I always try to choose the resin from brands that offer value to their customers in the form of guarantee and honesty. You should do the same if you want the softener to work on an optimum level for a long time.

  1. Cross Linking:

Cross linking is an important factor when a water softener resin is taken into consideration. Cross linking refers to the exchange of ions which directly has an impact on softening the hard water. If the resin you’ve bought has not a better cross linking percentage, then it won’t make a big difference at all.

Therefore, you need to invest in a water softener resin that comes with at least 10% cross linking. In this way, the resin will enhance the efficiency of your softener as you’d be able to enjoy clean and soft water for a long time without any worries.

  1. Resin Loading Funnel is a Must:

Loading resin into the water softener tank is one of the most difficult tasks. It could get messy at any time. So, to avoid this situation, make sure that the resin you are about to get comes with a special resin loading funnel.

Using the funnel to load resin into a water softener tank is extremely easy. There won’t be any mess or wastage of the material when you are using this tool. So, make sure that you go for a resin that comes with a special loading funnel to enjoy loading it in the softener tank without any hassle.

  1. Budget Range:

The last thing which matters is the budget range you have to invest in a top-notch water softener resin. Keep in mind that the quantity of resin directly impacts on the price tag it has got. That said, a budget range of almost 200 bucks is more than enough to invest in a 1.5 cubic feet quantity of water softener resin.

Frequently Asked Questions for Resin

  1. What is the best water softener resin?

I’d go for LiquaGen Water Softener Resin as it can improve the efficiency of water softener and can easily convert hard water into softer one within a short time.

  1. How do I choose a water softener resin?

Make sure that a water softener resin has got at least 10% cross-linking. Other than that, it must remove harmful contaminants from water and should increase the value of water softener at the same time. Lastly, it should contain a resin loading funnel as well.

  1. How long does resin last in water softener?

A top-notch water softener resin can easily last in water for around 20 to 25 years and will work to improve the quality of water for taking out different household tasks.

Some Last Words

That would be all regarding the best water softener resins available in the market. Make sure that you invest in a resin that offers to improve the efficiency of the water softener perfectly. In case you are being confused, I will be recommending you invest in LiquaGen Water softening Resin as it’s a choice for a long-term investment.