The Best Water Softener Salt 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

We have put together this article to guide you through everything you need to know about water softening systems, and water softening salt. We have picked out the top three options in both categories. We have also put together a guide to softening salts and have included an FAQ section too.

The Best Water Softener Salt
The Best Water Softener Salt

By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be ready to banish hard water from your house forever. So what are you waiting for, read on… 

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Best Water Softener Salt Reviews– Updated Picks

When choosing a brand of water softening salts there are many factors you need to consider. Water softening salts are not a one time purchase, so a budget should be as much of a factor as effectiveness.

So, to help you find an ideal product, I am here with a compiled list of some of the best water softener salts available in 2022.

Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Salt NameUseCapacity
1. Morton Salt 1501Multipurpose50 lbs
2. Morton Salt F124700000gPrevents rust stains40 lbs
3. Cargill Salt 7304Bathing40 lbs
4. Diamond Crystal SaltAppliances50 lbs
5. Diamond Crystal Water Softener BagWashing clothes40 lbs
6. Impresa Products SaltDishwashers44 lbs
7. Diamond Crystal 804017Multipurpose50 lbs
8. Morton Clean and Protect IIMultipurpose40 lbs
9. Morton Salt System Saver II – Club BagMultipurpose40 lbs
10. Morton U26624SMultipurpose40 lbs

Best Water Softening Salts: a detailed review

💧1- Morton Salt 1501 – Best Salt for Water Softener

Morton is a company that has played a part in making sure that converting hard water could be as easy as one could expect. That being said, the salt can ensure the softness in water no matter how hard it is. In addition to tat, this salt is packed in a durable bag which means that it can easily be used from time to time.

Plus, it is specially made in the USA so the effect is excellent on hard water. In the U.S., many residents have got this issue that they are unable to deal with hard water.

So, this is where Morton comes in handy to ensure maximum effectiveness on the rigidity of the water. In short, you will be getting an ideal solution to the stubbornness of water especially when you mix Morton Salt 1501 in it. OH! And one thing more. This salt also comes with a justified price. So, investing in it for long-term use might not be a bad idea at all.

Talking about some general features, this water softener salt is extremely easy to use. You just open the bag, take out salt from it according to your preference and pour it down in the hard water so that it can become soft. That being said, the water softener has got multipurpose uses. It keeps different appliances away from getting rust or any other malfunctioning issue.

One can say that it directly increases the life of an appliance by softening the water perfectly. Apart from that, the soft water that has been converted with this salt can be used for bathing. In fact, with the convertible water, your hair and body will feel smoother than ever. Washing clothes with hard water is quite a difficult task. So, Morton Salt makes sure that you can wash all your clothes in soft water without any worries. That’s how effective this water softener salt is.


Although the water softener salt pellets help to improve the quality of water in an ideal manner, they are still available at a hefty price range. That’s the only issue the consumers had while purchasing a bag of Morton 1501 water softener.


Made in the U.S.A.
✅ Comes in a durable bag.
✅ Working operation is effective.
✅ Converts hard water into a softer one.
✅ Increases the life of different appliances.
✅ Ideal for bathing.


Bit pricey.
❌ The bag is heavy.

The Final Verdict

Morton 1501, is true, the best water softener salt available in the market. However, keep in mind that it will cost you more than 20 bucks. Hence, I will recommend this water softener only if spending more is not an issue for you.

💧2- Morton Salt F124700000g – Best Salt To Remove Rust

Yet another water softener from Morton is available on our list with many features to offer. However, just like the softener that I have discussed above, this one also has a hefty price tag and many people will have issues with it. Well if you neglect the price tag from this softener, then you will be pretty amazed to see the features it offers.

Being contained in a durable bag, this water softener helps to convert the quality of hard water to a softer version, thus making sure that you might be able to use it for different purposes.

Just like the softener listed above, this one also has an effective working operation and people are getting many advantages from it. In short, this water softener salt is known for removing the rusting properties from the water to make it worthy of being used in different chores easily.

Talking about the features first, the best water softener salt under 30 protects different appliances from getting rust. It easily removes the rusty stains that might happen due to the frequent use of hard water in different appliances. Other than that, these water softener pellets are also responsible for improving the taste of the water sufficiently.

Hence, bathing with softened water will not be an issue for you. You will be enjoying the smoothness of the water for sure. One of the notable features of this water softener is that it also removes stains from washrooms and kitchens. No matter how prominent the stains are, sing these salt pellets will soften them in almost no time.

Apart from these features, one of the best water softeners also helps in scaling the build-up that might happen in pipes and heaters. Long story short, you will be able to make your life easier by having this water softener from the Morton easily.


The hefty price tag is the only issue regarding the water softener introduced by Morton. Other than that, it is perfect for all means and helps to remove annoying stains from appliances, kitchens, and washrooms.


Contained in a durable package.
✅ Comes with water softening properties.
✅ Ideal for removing stains from kitchens.
✅ Keeps the appliances rust-free.
✅ Scales the build-up in pipes.
✅ Makes the water as soft as possible.


Pricey water softener Salt.
❌ No other cons.

The Final Verdict

Morton F124700000g is known for removing rust from different kitchen appliances easily as it converts hard water to soft water perfectly. So, if you can get this water softener, I will recommend that you get it on a first-priority basis

💧3- Cargill Salt 7304 – Water Softener Salt For Bathing

Cargill is indeed a newer brand trying it’s best to keep up with Morton in terms of better water quality along with an affordable price tag. That being said, the best water softener salt for sensitive skin comes in a unique package and it works perfectly to convert hard water easily.

On the other hand, this sat package is famous for removing harshness in the quality of water in no time. So, once you get your hands on it, you will surely be enjoying the way it cleans appliances and enhances the life of them at the same time.

Apart from that, Cargill water softener is also famous to have an affordable price tag as compared to the likes of Morton softeners. Hence, people are interested in considering as they find the above two softeners extremely pricey. The features, as compared to other water softeners are also top-notch and they are going to help you do different washing chores easily.

First of all, the special diamond crystal-shaped salt pellets are way better than random water softeners. Hence, the working process along with the ionization is extremely fast when you add these pellets to hard water. On the other hand, these salt pellets keep the appliances away from getting rust. Plus, you won’t be seeing any stains in the Kitchen or your washroom especially if you are using Cargill salt pellets.

No matter how hard and corrosive the water is, the Cargill water softener won’t disappoint you at all. So, either you are facing difficulties in washing clothes or dishes, you need not panic about the issue and just pour some pellets down in the water you are using to make it as soft as possible. In short. Cargill has introduced the best salt for water softeners in the market at an affordable price as compared to Morton.


Even though Cargill water softener is available at an affordable price, some customers still think that it is overpriced and the company needs to sort out this issue immediately.


✅ Easy to open the bag.
✅ Makes water soft.
✅ Removes corrosion from water.
✅ Helps appliances to avoid rust.
✅ Helps in removing stains from the kitchen.
✅ Chemical process and ionization are fast.


Still overpriced according to some customers.
❌ No other cons.

The Final Verdict

Cargill water softener salt pellets help you to wash clothes and dishes by converting hard water into a soft one. Plus, it’s action is extremely fast and effective at the same time. So, better get it especially if you are facing issues with daily-routine chores.

💧4- Diamond Crystal Salt – Water Softener with 99.8% Purity

Diamond Crystal Salt is known for its extreme purity process. It is going to replace the old water softener perfectly. That being said, this water softener salt is known for purifying the hard water in the best possible manner.

No matter how corrosive your home’s water is, Diamond Crystal Salt is always an ideal solution for this purpose. The features mainly range from purifying the water and keeping the appliances away from getting rust and corrosion at the same time.

However, the price tag is extremely high. That is, you will have to pay the price especially if you want to enjoy premium hard water converting services. One thing is for sure that once you’ve invested in this water softener salt, you will be able to do your chores without any worries of the water being hard or corrosive at all.

The technical details feature the salt being able to remove old water softener and renewing it easily. On the other hand, the best water softener salt can keep the rust away from different appliances. So, you will be able to wash your clothes or dishes with different appliances easily.

Other than that, Diamond Crystal water softener salt is also famous for providing soft water for bathing purposes. Hence, a smoother and soft feel will be there especially when you are bathing or washing your hairs. Apart from that, these salt pellets are made in such a way that they dissolve in water in almost no time.

So, the converting process happens as soon as you install these pellets and you’ll see an improvement in the quality of the water for sure. Long story short, Diamond Crystal Salt is the best investment you can make even though it will cost you twice as compared to other water softeners available in the market.


Expensiveness is an issue with Diamond Crystal Salt. That being said, it has got a multipurpose use but you won’t be able to get it especially if you are low on budget.


Comes in a unique bag.
✅ Offers 99.8% purity.
✅ Removes corrosion from water.
✅ Helps to increase the life of appliances.
✅ Makes the bathing experience smoother.
✅ Makes water softer and tasteless.


Extremely expensive.
❌ No other cons.

The Final Verdict

Diamond Crystal water softener salt can remove harshness from the water effectively. So, in case you are disappointed with hard water, you can try out this salt if budget is not an issue for you.

💧5- Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag

The second last water softener salt up on our list is from CARGILL SALT and it goes by the name as Diamond Crystal salt. The bag full of salt pellets has got the guts to ease all of your hard water issues perfectly.

That being said, one bag is more than enough for your water softener to work like a charm. The bag, in which it is packed is of high-quality materials and it ensures that the salt pellets remain protective in it at the same time.

On the other hand, it purifies water like nothing else. You will be able to take out different works by installing the salt pellets from Diamond Crystal into your water softener. Either it is bathing, washing clothes, or dishes, this salt bag will help you no matter how hard the water is.

One of the best features of using the best water softener is that it cleans clothes like they are brand new. Yeah, you heard it right. It ionizes hard water in such a way that it removes all the stains from clothes effectively.

Plus, with the water softening properties, the detergents and soaps are going to clean up perfectly. Hence, you will be getting a soothing bath along with a good dose of cleaning at the same time.

The potassium chloride formula being used in these salt pellets helps to dissolve in a small-time. Plus, you will not be facing any clogging issues that are common when you are using corrosive water excessively. In short, by spending no more than 50 bucks, you are getting a water softener salt which can bring a change in how you wash clothes and dishes, etc.


Although the salt from CARGILL doesn’t have any issues when it comes to softening the water, it has a high price tag that might cause problems for some peeps.


Comes in a durable bag.
✅ Offers cleaning clothes effectively.
✅ Softens the water perfectly.
✅ Removes clogging.


Expensive price.
❌ No other cons.

The Final Verdict

Diamond Crystal Salt from CARGILL is indeed an ideal choice for people who have no issues in spending around 50 bucks on pellets that softens hard water into soft.

💧6- Impresa Products Salt – Water Softener Salt for Dishwashers

The water softener salt from Impresa Products is meant for dishwashers only. It is going to help remove each stain from the dishes you’ve been washing via a dishwasher, in the best possible manner.

The salt pellets are contained in a durable bag which is going to keep them protective and safe at the same time. Other than that, the highly effective dishwasher salt makes sure that the dishes are cleaned in an ideal way. On the other hand, the price tag is extremely low and that’s why many people are considering it.

Some technical features include softening and then removing the stains effectively, compatibility with almost all dishwasher brands and models, and being free from any kind of additives. Getting the good softener salt for a dishwasher will mean that you have made the cleaning dishes experience a fun activity.


There are no major downfalls. But, the salt pellets are specific to dishwashers only.


Ideal for washing dishes.
✅ Softens water perfectly.
✅ Comes in a durable bag.
✅ Removes harsh stains from dishes.


❌ Specific to dishwashers only.

The Final Verdict

Get your hands on this water softener salt as soon as possible especially if you intend to wash dishes with effectiveness and ease.

💧7- Diamond Crystal 804017

Salts are always an easy solution to hard water-related issues. When you are talking about using natural ways of getting rid of hardness from water, you cannot avoid this one product. It has all the right qualities to get you perfectly healthy water to use. With its amazing qualities and a low price, it is the best water softener sat that you can buy.

Now let’s talk about some of its features that make it so special. Firstly, this salt contains crystals just like the natural salt does. Many of the salts that you get from the market are actually in pellet form.

This product has a reasonable price and various uses. The top of them is undoubtedly water softening so that you can get a good quality of water to use. the 50lb pack gives off enough quantity of salt that you might need for your water softening.


Cheap price.
✅ Good quantity.
✅ Quick transformation.
✅ Healthy and safe product.
✅ Multipurpose salt.


No apparent cons.

The Final Verdict

For a cheap solution to many of your hard water-related issues, this is the cheapest solution. Its quality as compared to its price is not compromised so you can choose it even if you have a small budget.

💧8- Morton Clean and Protect II – Best Salt 2022

Morton has its good well-earned reputation when it comes to water softeners. You can already expect all the good quality products from this manufacturer when you read its name. Let’s explore what this product offers its consumers. It dissolves all the hard metal elements or the hard metal particles that accumulate in the appliances which decreases their life span. Thus, by using this you will get a prolonged experience of the appliance.

This salt comes in form of pellets which allows it to stay durable and sustainable for longer use. The second important thing to notice is its uses. You can use it for a number of things but the integral use of this salt is in water softening. Pour these salt pellets into the water softener and it will help in getting you a decreased build up.

This will keep you and your water softener safe. It helps in increasing the life span of the water softener. The pack contains approximately 40 pounds of pellets which will give you a good service since Morton always serves well.


Its price might be an issue to some of you but overall if the price is not a worrisome factor for you, then it is the best water softener salt to use.


40 pound of pellets.
✅ Efficient work history.
✅ Easy to use.
✅ Thorough cleaning.
✅ Increases life span of softeners.


❌ The price might worry some of the people.

The Final Verdict

It is a trustworthy brand that serves all the worth trying products. Whoever used this product, has been in love with it ever since.

💧9- Morton Salt System Saver II – Club Bag

Yet another product from Morton is here in the list because this manufacturer does the best job when it comes to water softener salt. You can relentlessly rely on their products and their work efficiency.

People have been using this product for the longest time has always been satisfied because of its working. Morton has provided a good variety of salt products from which the customers can choose their favorite to go with. Let’s see some of the features of this Morton Salt System Saver II.

For starters, the packaging of this product is impressive. We often see how lousy packaging ruins the quality of a product. Morton made no mistake while designing this bag. It contains a hard club bag which comes along with a hard handle. Due to this, it is easy to handle it and pour it whenever you need to.

Its patented formula makes the pellets much more efficient and allows the salt to do its best job in taking care of the appliances. It is good for increasing the life span of the appliances by dissolving many hurdle-like accumulations that happen to be problematic in its working. The housekeeping seal makes it more convenient for the users. Thus, it is user-friendly for people who don’t have any past experience with the salt pellets.


People have been complaining about the overpriced purchases online. You can get a better package from local stores from the same product.


Efficient working.
✅ Hefty amount of product.
✅ Cheap price.
✅ Thorough cleaning.
✅ User-friendly packaging.


❌ No apparent cons.

The Final Verdict

It is yet another good option for the ones looking for a good salt at an inexpensive price. Make sure you don’t overpay for the product.

💧10- Morton U26624S

Here is another Morton product. But, a significant difference between this one and the others that we previously discussed is that this one comes in crystals rather than pellets. That being said, the bag wouldn’t be as heavy as it would be for the pellets but the quality will be good.

So, don’t worry if you feel like getting this was a mistake. Because I assure you that it is the best water softener salt that you can get yourself. Well, let’s look into some features of this salt which makes it the best water softener salt among the rest.

Firstly, the packaging of the salt is pretty impressive. It is similar to the packaging of the previous Morton product that we reviewed in the list. You can easily lift the bag and carry it wherever you need to without it ripping apart. Secondly, it contains 40 lbs of salt crystals which are good for profuse usage.

The salt ensures the dissolving of various dangerous accumulated substances in the appliances which act as a hurdle in their performance. These salt crystals will dissolve them and increase the life span of the appliance which will be your water softener.


Originally, it is a low priced salt but you might find it overly priced on many sites so make sure you don’t fall for a scam.


Quick transformation.
✅ Thorough cleaning.
✅ Natural substances.
✅ Easy to handle.


❌ No apparent cons.

The Final Verdict

This water softener salt does a great job for people who want to get the work done within a limited budget.

Salt vs Potassium Chloride

Salt is not the only option available for softening water. It is also possible to use potassium chloride. You probably noticed that our top choice contained potassium chloride. Overall we would recommend using salt over potassium chloride. Particularly, if you’re on a budget. 

Salt vs Potassium Chloride
Salt vs Potassium Chloride

Let’s have a closer look at the pros and cons of these two options: 

💧Potassium chloride


Sodium free (99.9% sodium free).
✅ No salty taste in the water.
✅ Kinder to plants that need watering.


Needs replacing more frequently.
❌ If FAR more expensive than softening salt (the average bag of softening salt falls between $5-8, you’re looking at $40+ for the same amount of potassium)

💧Softening Salt


Low sodium.
✅ Works well.
✅ Very low price.
✅ Most softening systems are designed to use salt.


Can’t water plants with this water.
❌ Tap water can taste a little salty.

What is water softening salt and how does it work? 

Water softener salt is the fuel that will help your softener produce soft water. The sodium (what salt is made up of) is needed for the ionic process of water softening to occur. 

When the salt is added to the water an ion exchange occurs. The negatively charged beads in the tank, combined with the salt remove the calcium and magnesium from the water. Leaving behind sodium and soft water. The tank then flushes the remaining sodium resin out of its system. 

There will not be enough sodium left in the water to affect your daily sodium intake. Sodium levels in water vary naturally from area to area. There has been no evidence to suggest that sodium in the water can negatively affect a person’s health. 

How can you tell if you need to add more salt to your softener? 

Whilst it may seem fairly obvious that water softening salts need salt. Many people don’t realize that these systems require their salt levels to be topped up every now and then. 

The harder the water is in your area the more salt the system will go through. If you live in a particularly quicklime heavy area you may need to top your system up monthly. 

How can you tell if you need to add more salt to your softener 
How can you tell if you need to add more salt to your softener? 

However, it is very easy to tell when you need to add more salt to the softening. Look out for one of these two common signs: 

💧Salt Levels in the tank

Most brine tanks will have a clear system for telling you how much salt is inside them. Simply pop off the lid and have a peep inside. Ideally, you don’t want salt levels to fall below 75%, and if they have gone below 50% then an urgent top up is needed. 

💧Remember how old your softener is

Older softeners eat up salt like nobody’s business. They require more salt to be effective than the newer machines. Once your tank reaches the grand age of 7 you should start checking on its salt levels twice as frequently as you had previously. You will see quite an increase in consumption. 

Things to consider when using softener salt 

Anyone who’s spent a day in an area with hardware will understand the need for a water softening system. However, do consider the following things before installing anything: 

Things to consider when using softener salt 
Things to consider when using softener salt 

💧Your water will taste different 

This isn’t necessarily a con when it comes to hard water. However, you should be prepared for water that may taste a little salty sometimes. Personally, we’ll take salty water over the taste of hard water any day. 

If you have the budget for it, you could use potassium instead of salt and eliminate any unpleasant tastes from your water. However, potassium does cost 3-10 times more per gram than salt does. 

💧How hard is your water? 

The harder the water is in your area the faster you will go through softening salt. This will drastically affect how much you will have to spend on softening salts. The outcome is definitely worth the investment. However, you may find that the high-end salts don’t last long enough in really hard water to justify their price point.

💧Softener upkeep and maintenance 

Like most machines, water softening systems require regular upkeep to keep them functioning. Before installing one of these systems prepare yourself for having to set aside some time every few weeks to clean leftover sodium out of the bottom of the tank. 

The maintenance of a softening system is easy to work. You will either be required to add more salt to the tank or to use a knife to break up any salt build-up at the bottom of the tank. These are quick and easy jobs but do need to be done on a regular basis. 

These tasks will save you from a fair share of expensive repair bills.

💧Your budget 

We’ve touched on this briefly in the sections above, but one of the key factors in your choice of salt will need to be your budget (unless you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited salt budget). 

Softeners in very hard water areas and older machines will go through salt a lot quicker than other machines. The price can really rack up if you don’t keep an eye on it.

There are many effective and affordable salt softeners on the market that perform as well, if not better than the more expensive ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some quick but comprehensive answers to the 3 most frequently asked questions we get about water softening salts.

1. How long does water softening salt last?

This question does not have an exact answer. Many variables can affect the lifespan of your softener. Quality, price, manufacturer, age, when it was made – all of these things can affect the life expectancy of your softener.
If you were to buy a brand new water softener today, you could expect it to last for around 20 years if well cared for.As your softener gets older it will get less effective. You may find that the power level of the soften gives up before the mechanism dies.

2. Is soft, salt water safe to drink?

The salt softening flakes are designed exclusively for household use, therefore they are all made mood safe. They are not the same type of crystal as table salt but the effect they will have on your body is the same.
The gram per liter ratio of softener salt coming out of your taps is not high enough to affect your daily salt intake.
When it comes to the safety of drinking soft water there is no doubt. Soft water is completely safe to drink. Billions of us do it every day. Softening the water removes excess calcium and magnesium from our water, it does not add anything to it.

3. Does softening salt remove iron too?

If you’re lucky enough to spend a lot of your time looking at boxes of water softening salt then you will probably have noticed something. Many of these salt mixes claim that they are able to remove iron from water as well as soften it.

Is this possible?

Well, the honest truth is that there just hasn’t been enough research done into this topic to give a definitive answer. We wouldn’t spend any extra money on salts that claim to be able to do this.
There is nothing in the ion exchange process that these salts use to soften water that would allow them to remove rust or iron from the water system. Until science gives us an answer either way we would look for some other method of removing iron from the water.

4. How should I store my softening salt when I’m not using it?

When it comes to storing softening salt it is best to treat it like regular salt. This means you will have to find somewhere warm and dry to store it.
If the salt gets wet then it will dissolve and/or clump up in the bag. If this happens you will literally be pouring your money down the drain. Moisture in the air can also have a negative effect on softening salts. Try storing you salt in an airtight container.
The salt should not be kept in any temperature below freezing. This can affect the structural integrity of the salt and it may not perform as effectively in the future.