8 Best Water Test Kits Available in 2022 – Complete Guide

Drinking healthy water is a serious matter of concern these days. That being said, the main dilemma that people face is regarding the quality of water they are drinking. How will you make sure that the water you are drinking is free of contaminants?

That’s the main reason you need to consider getting a home water test kit. Why? Because the best water test kit can check different contaminants including bacteria, lead, mercury, and the hardness level.

Best Water Test Kits
Best Water Test Kits

Now that you know the essence of having a water test kit, the next question arises that where can you find an ideal testing kit to check the quality for water. Don’t be so worried. I’ve got you covered in this regard as well. That is, I have compiled a list of some of the best home water test kit reviews for you.

Are Home Water Test Kits Accurate?

Yes, home water test kits are accurate especially if they are EPA certified. Though a lot of test kits claim to be EPA certified without showing any real certification. So, always make sure you double check their certification before you buy it. There are mainly 3 type of water test kits, i.e., strips, digital water tester and send-to-lab water test kit. In my experience send-to-lab home water test kits are the most accurate among them. 

So, let’s have a look without any further ado:

Product NameContaminants it TestsPositive Reviews
1. Safe Home Test Kit50 contaminants9.8/10
2. Health Metric Test Kit9 contaminants9.3/10
3. Tap Score by SimpleLab110+ contaminants9.4/10
4. HoneForest Water Quality Tester3 contaminants9.5/10
5. Test Assured Kit10 contaminants8.9/10
6. Water Test Strips by ON4HOME16 contaminants8.6/10
7. Health Metric Coliform Bacteria Test KitBacterial testing only9.6/10
8. JNW Direct Water TesterHardness or Softness9.3/10

The best water test kits: a detailed review

Selecting the best water test kits of 2022 was not an easy job. Our team invested more than two months in testing and research purpose to review various water test kits offered by top brands. Finally after a lots of churn and burn we have managed to narrow it down to top 8 ones only. Hopefully you will like our choices and take an informed decision based on that.

💧1. Safe Home Test Kit – Best All-Rounder Water Test Kit 2022

☑️ The first feature regarding this water test kit is that it is certified by EPA laboratory. That being said, right after you mail the samples of your water in different test tubes, the laboratory will analyze it completely.
☑️ There are three different sample tubes available in the test kit. You only have to fill them with water and send them to the laboratory for further tests. The ease is that you can analyze the quality of water coming out from three different places.

Apart from that, the company offers free reshipping right after you mail them the samples. That is, you won’t have to spend any money to ship the sample tubes back to the laboratory. All expenses will be born by the company.

The laboratory will be testing the water samples you send them for 50 different contaminants. Each thing will be clear before you as you receive the report of the water quality you’ve been using for different purposes.

Last but not least, Safe Home Test Kit will mail you the results online. You only have to provide them your email address and right when they are done with testing, the results will be delivered to you by the company officially.

Safe Home Test kit tops our list for being a suitable package that will test the quality of water you are using either for drinking purposes or other chores etc. This water test kit is contained in a durable package which ensures that all the stuff present inside it is protected from leakage or other accidents.

The test kit makes sure that each and every detail about the water you are using is presented in front of you. That’s the main reason the laboratory for water testing introduced by this company has sold almost 2 million water test reports.

The complete kit consists of different sample tubes that you can fill with tap water, the water you are drinking, and the water you are using for doing different chores.

Long story short, this water testing kit is one of the best water test kits for people who want to get all the reports of the quality of water at their fingertips without doing any effort at all.


The home test kit being a perfect choice for testing the water quality costs more than 150 bucks. However, that’s what you have to spend if you need to know every minute detail about the quality of water you are using.

  • Three sample tubes available.
  • Free shipping from the company.
  • Checks 50 different contaminants.
  • Trusted by 3 million customers.
  • Reports are sent to you by online mail.
  • You can access the report anywhere you want.
  • A bit pricey compared to other water test kit available in the market.

The Final Verdict

Safe Home Test Kit is indeed one of the top water test kits available in the market. Well, this test kit including the test results is an expensive choice, but nothing is more worthy than your health which entirely depends upon the water you are using or drinking. So, invest in this test kit if the budget is not an issue for you.

💧2. Health Metric Test Kit – Best Home Water Test Kit Review 2022

☑️ The complete test kit includes strips, bacteria testing powder and lead testing powder all confined in a single package. Hence, you might be able to start with different experiments regarding the quality test of your water.
☑️ Keep in mind that the tests you are carrying out using this kit are 100% legitimate. Why? Because this kit is made in the USA and has been approved by EPA as well. So, you can easily test the quality of water with this kit.

The water test kit can test even minute particles present in water. Apart from bacteria and chemical testing, you will be able to know the concentration of metals like lead and copper as well.

Are you confused that whether the water you are using is hard or not? If you are facing this confusion, then Health Metric test kit will be removing all the doubts for you as it also covers testing the harshness of water.

This water test kit is extremely easy to use. It doesn’t require a lot of scientific knowledge as a kid of 9th grade will be able to depict the results of the test carried out with this kit easily.

Health Metric is yet another brand that offers you to test the quality of water you are using in an affordable price range. That being said, this health test kit can check different contaminants in water. For instance, the concentration of bacteria, hazardous chemicals, lead, copper, and other metals tests are available in the kit.

As far as the overall construction is concerned, all strips are made from top-notch materials. Other than that, the test kit is being protected with strong wrapping so that it might be used for a long time.

In short, you will be able to try out different tests on the quality of water you are using at home when you consider Health Metric test kit; that’s the main reason people are preferring it.


Extreme accuracy is still not offered by the Health Metric test Kit. There is a different between lab-testing and self-testing. So, if you want more accurate results of the water you are using, then you better have to check out the product I have discussed above.

  • Testing of different contaminants.
  • Lead and copper testing strips are available.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to check out the results.
  • It doesn’t require any mailing worries.
  • You can test the quality of water at home.
  • Accurate results are still not ensured.
  • Check out EPA laboratory testing for accurate testing.

The Final Verdict

Health Metric Water test kit is still accurate in many experiments. It does have the ability to show you whether the water you are using is contaminated or not. So, invest in it as the best water test kit is priced at lower than 30 bucks.

💧3.Tap Score: Advanced Home Water Test from SimpleLab

Some notable features regarding the water test kit are as follows:

☑️ Every step of the testing process with Tap Score is easy. They will send you the proper sampling containers, easy-to-follow instructions, prepaid shipping label, and provide access to a digital dashboard so you can track the status along the way.
☑️ In just a few days after your sample arrives at the lab, you’ll receive a comprehensive and highly accurate water quality report for some of the most common water contaminants, as well as those that may pose a significant health risk.

From metals–like lead, arsenic, and iron–to minerals, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and general chemistry–Tap Score reports not only reveal what’s in your water (and exactly how much).

But also provide contextualized information about what all those numbers mean for your health. Every report includes information about likely sources and common health effects of the contaminants tested, as well as features that allow you to monitor local water quality nearby.

Once you receive your results, Tap Score will also include actionable steps you can take to improve your water quality by including various treatment and filter options tailored to what was found in your water. Tap Score is unbiased.

They don’t manufacture or partner with treatment companies to sell filters. Rather, their team of chemists, engineers, and treatment quality experts have assessed the best options on the market and match them to your needs.

Tap Score’s Advanced Home Water Test is a mail-in test that tests for over 110+ contaminants in a certified laboratory. You’ll receive the necessary sampling containers, easy to follow instructions, and a prepaid shipping label back to a certified laboratory.

In just 3-5 days, you’ll receive a comprehensive digital water quality report that includes information about what your water quality means for your health.

Every Tap Score report also includes unbiased treatment recommendations tailored to your water’s unique chemistry.

If you have questions at any point in the process, Tap Score’s unparalleled support team is always available to help. With a team of water quality experts always standing by via chat, email, or phone–they can help you understand your water quality, what it means for your health, and how best to improve it.


Each Tap Score package is designed for a single sample at one location. If you want to test multiple locations, you’ll need multiple kits–which can add up.

  • Tests for 110+ contaminants in a certified lab.
  • Results are easy to understand, including health and plumbing-risk analysis.
  • Unbiased treatment recommendations tailored to your water’s unique chemistry.
  • Fast turnaround time (~3-5 days in the lab).
  • Free shipping both ways (to you and back to the lab).
  • Unparalleled customer support.
  • Can be pricey if you want to test multiple sources.

The Final Verdict

Tap Score takes all of the confusion out of testing your water and making sense of the results. From easy-to-understand sampling instructions, prepaid shipping labels, comprehensive reporting the Advanced Home Water Test includes everything you need to know what’s in your water (and what you can do about it!).

💧4. HoneForest Water Quality Tester – Best Digital Water Test Kit 2022

Some notable features regarding the water test kit are as follows:

☑️ One of the best water quality tester comes with an ability to check three different metrics of water. That is, the temperature, Total Dissolved salts along with electrical conductivity are being tested by the kit perfectly.
☑️ LCD panel available on this tester. It will show you the metrics of water easily. The numbers are not accurate at the start but right after two to three seconds, they are locked.

HoneForest water tester is an affordable water testing device. It is barely going to cost you more than 10 bucks which means that you will be checking the quality of water without spending way too much.

The multipurpose use of this device is a perfect choice to check the temperature of the water. By checking the temperature of the water, you can make sure that whether it is drinkable for an infant or not.

The water quality tester also checks Total dissolved solids in the water. If the concentration is way too high, then it is an alarming situation for you. As a result, you can make amendments by installing water filters or softeners in your home.

HoneForest water quality tester offers to check the number of different contaminants along with the temperature of the water at an affordable price range. Using this tester, you might be able to check the water quality of that you are drinking, available in an aquarium or that you are using for washing clothes and other chores.

In addition to that, using this water tester is extremely easy as it only requires dipping in the water. After a small fraction of time, the LCD meter will be showing you temperature along with other metrics of the water.

However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that this water test kit doesn’t check the pH of water. So, that’s a feature that you have to compromise on if you are thinking of getting HoneForest water quality tester.


First of all, you won’t get to check the pH of water with this device. Other than that, although the tester shows the concentration of TDS, it isn’t able to check specific elements such as lead, copper, or mercury in the water.

  • Digital water quality tester.
  • Shows temperature and TDS concentration.
  • Shows the Electrical conductivity of water.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Backed up by 3 years warranty.
  • No testing of bacteria.
  • No testing of lead or mercury.

The Final Verdict

HoneForest water quality tester is indeed a perfect choice for small households. It can show metrics regarding TDS, EC, and temperature of the water as well. Better get it only if you are extremely low on budget.

💧5. Test Assured Kit – Best Water Testing Kit For Bacteria and Lead

☑️ Test Assured Kit comes with a 10-in-One testing package. That is, it can check the like of bacteria, lead, pesticides, chlorine, copper, nitrates, nitrites and other harmful chemicals in the water easily.
☑️ Well, acquiring this test kit will means that you will be experimenting with each and everything at home. There will be no need to go to the laboratory that might cost you way more than this kit.

Talking about the legitimacy, Test Assured Kit has been made in the USA. Other than that it is also certified by EPA standards which means that the reports it produces will coincide with accurate figures.

Apart from that, the kit is extremely easy to use. There’s no prior knowledge required as all the important things are already mentioned in the user manual. You can easily check the results of your experiments by consulting that user manual.

Finally, Test Assured gives you a money-back guarantee if you have a solid reason for not liking the product or if it is not giving you reliable results. There won’t be any questions asked as claimed by the company’s customer support.

The water testing kit from Test Assured can scrutinize the water you are drinking or using for different home tasks in an ideal manner. That being said, the complete package includes the availability of different test strips for metals like lead, copper, and mercury.

Other than that, this water test kit also includes testing of bacteria and other harmful chemicals that might cause diseases in human beings. Having said that, the water test kit is confined in a durable package to keep it away from getting humidity or water leakage.

Hence, once you’ve got your hands on this testing kit, you would be able to use it for testing water for a long time without any worries. As far as the price range is concerned, it’s not too low, nor too high. So, if you have a moderate budget range, then I will be recommending you invest in Test Assured Kit. This is definitely one of the best water test kits available in the market.


Although Test Assured Kit has got 10 different testing materials inside it. Some customers have reported that they are missing on lead and copper test as the strips for such tests are not included in the package.

  • Affordable price.
  • Checks 10 different contaminants.
  • Testing results are accurate.
  • Ideal for testing different kinds of water.
  • Confined in a durable package.
  • pH testing is also present.
  • Lead testing stripes are missing in some packages.
  • No other cons.

The Final Verdict

HoneForest water quality tester is indeed a perfect choice for small households. It can show metrics regarding TDS, EC, and temperature of the water as well. Better get it only if you are extremely low on budget.

💧6. 16-in-1 Water Test Strips by ON4HOME

Some notable features regarding the water test kit are as follows:

☑️ The complete kit includes an ability to check the water from 16 different parameters. Hence, using the equipment present in the test, you can check different statistics of water easily.
☑️ ON4HOME water testing kit can check the concentration of bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, harmful chemicals, lead, copper and many other contaminants that might be present in the water.

Keep in mind that you can use ON4HOME test kit for different purposes i.e., for checking drinking water, pool water, spa or bathing water.

Lastly, this water test kit comes with 100 different strips. So, the kit can be used for a long time without any worries.

ON4HOME has presented one of the best test kits till date and that too with an affordable price tag. Yeah, you heard it right. This test kit allows you to test the water you are drinking from 16 different points of view. There are 16 different testing equipment available in the package with complete details.

Hence, checking the quality of water from every angle will not be an issue for you at all. One more thing to consider here is that purchasing ON4Home water test kit is surely going to let you save a lot of money. That’s because you won’t have to consult the laboratory that might cost you too much money.


Although this water test kit offers you to check every type of water, it has got a major issue and that is one cannot identify the strip meant for a specific test. Hence, there is a major chance of error while checking out the quality of water.

  • 100 strips for checking the water.
  • 16 different tests available.
  • Checks bacterial and lead accommodation.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Multipurpose use.
  • Strips look same.

The Final Verdict

ON4HOME even with such a major problem can be considered if you pay a little heed towards the strips you are using. Get it if you are extremely low on budget.

💧7. Health Metric Coliform Bacteria Test Kit

☑️ Health Metric test kit allows you to check the concentration of bacteria within 48 hours. The rapid efficiency is the reason many people are considering this test kit.
☑️ The water test kit for bacteria is also approved by EPA standards. So, each test will be accurate and will show you a close percentage of bacteria present in water as compared with laboratory tests.
☑️ If you are having any issue regarding the experiment, you can always cause the customer support team of Health Metric which is highly responsive and is maintained by water testing experts.

Another quality water test kit from Health Metric this time offers you to check the concentration of bacteria in the water you are drinking. That being said, this water test is extremely easy to use. You won’t have to go through the complicated process of mailing the samples and then waiting for the result.

Simply read the user manual on which all the important info is present and you will be able to know the concentration of bacteria in water you are drinking. On the other hand, the price tag is not so high. It is affordable and can be acquired by spending a little more than 15 bucks.


The water test is meant only to check the concentration of bacteria. It cannot be used for testing other parameters.

  • Water test kit for checking bacteria.
  • Approved by EPA standards.
  • Gives results in 48 hours.
  • Ideal for checking the concentration of E-coli.
  • Only for bacterial concentration.

The Final Verdict

Get your hands on Health Metric Coliform Bacteria Test Kit as soon as possible if you need to find out the exact concentration of harmful bacteria in the water you are drinking.

💧8. JNW Direct Water Tester – Kit For Determining Hard and Soft Water

Some notable features regarding the water test kit are as follows:

☑️ This testing kit has got 150 straps to make sure that even after installing a softener, you can keep on checking the quality of water week after week.
☑️ If you have doubts regarding the water softener you are using, then it will be the time to invest in JBW water tester to check the hardness or softness in water.
☑️ Lastly, the test kit is extremely easy to use. All the information regarding the experiment is available on the user manual and you can easily check the harshness level of water by following the table available in the manual.

The last home water test kit on our list is JNW Direct Water tester. This tester kit is limited to the checking of hardness or softness of water only. Hence, it cannot be used for checking the contaminants in the water.

Well, as far as the testing criteria is concerned, it can be carried out at home. The results, on the other hand, are also satisfactory as they emphasize on whether the water is hard or soft.


It can’t be used for checking contaminants in water.

  • For checking hard and soft water.
  • 150 straps available.
  • Ideal for checking the efficiency of water softener.
  • Doesn’t check contaminants in water.

The Final Verdict

JNW water tester is meant for people who want to check whether their water softener is working in a perfect condition or not. So, better get it before it runs out of stock.

How to Select Best Water Test Kits? Complete Guide

Some important things you must consider if you are about to invest in a water test kit are as follows:

How to Select Water Test Kit? Complete Guide
How to Select Water Test Kit? Complete Guide

💧Your Needs

You need to figure out your needs before making any decision first. For instance, if you want a result free of error, then you should select a test kit that offers to check the quality of water from the laboratory.

Other than that, if you need to check the concentration of different contaminants in water at home, then there are home water test kits available in the market. Some of them have been reviewed by me as above as well.

Lastly, to check the efficiency of water softener, you should go for a test kit that offers to check the hardness level of the water only.

💧Check Out the Water Source

Before you select a water tester, make sure that you’ve figured out the water source. Some test kits might offer multipurpose use, but most of them are limited to specific water sources only.

So, better figure out the water source that you want to be checked i.e. pool water, aquarium water, or drinking water to keep yourself away from getting a wring product.

💧Complicated or Easy Testing Procedure?

Complicated testing procedure requires laboratory testing which although is expensive, but it’s the best way to check the quality of water. However, if you are low on budget, then the only option left is to check the water quality manually by ordering home water test kits.

Benefits of Using a Water Test Kit

Some important benefits of using a water test kit are as follows:

  1. A water test kit shows you the concentration of different contaminants in water. Hence, you might be able to make a good decision regarding purchasing a water filter.
  2. Water test kit used for pool and aquarium water shows the concentration of different metals. So, it allows a person to change the water of that specific area when necessary.
  3. Using a water test kit makes sure that whether you are drinking pure water or not.
  4. On the other hand, it also gives a sense of satisfaction that you are drinking water that has no hazardous effects.
  5. Finally, the hardness or softness of water can easily be checked by using a water test kit; hence, making sure that hard water won’t harm your appliances.

What is the best way to test water quality?

There are many factors that should be tested to determine the quality of your tap water or drinking water. In this case the best thing to do is to depend on experts. Yes there are test strips and digital water quality testers that you can use to check the water quality by yourself but most of the time they are not 100% accurate. So, it is better to send water to the laboratory and let the expert test its quality. That’s why I always recommend a send-to-lab water test kit and it is by far the best way to test water quality.

Which water tester is best?

Out of all the water test kits I have explained above, Safe Home Test Kit is the most accurate in my experience. Their process also takes less time compared to other send-to-lab water test kits. Whenever I get skeptic about water, I always rely on it to clear my doubt.

How do you know if water is safe to drink?

The most obvious thing is that your drinking water should be crystal clear. If you see any kind of cloudiness, it is probably not safe for drinking. If you have well casing, pumps or pipes, you must check for pH levels and hardness of the water once a year. Other things I recommend testing once a year are iron, nitrate, chloride, manganese and bacteria. If none of them is found in water. It is safe to drink. Here’s EPA drinking water watch guide that can be very useful if you are concerned about your drinking water.

What are the 5 water quality tests?

The 5 water quality tests are pH levels, nutrients in water, salinity, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

Some Last Words

That would be all regarding the best water test kits available in the market. I hope that you would be able to find a suitable testing kit for your home to check the quality of water in an ideal manner.

Good Luck!!