10 Best Whole House Water Filter 2022 Reviews and Ratings

The whole house water filter systems are one of the most popular and commonly used water filtering solutions across the world. The first reason behind their popularity is, they are highly effective and produce pure water to use in the whole house.

Best Whole House Water Filter
Best Whole House Water Filter

Secondly, these types of water filtration systems are more environmentally friendly as compared to other filtering systems. So, in this article, we bring best whole house water filter reviews for you to explain their features, advantages, and disadvantages to pick the best one according to your budget and requirements.

Best Whole House Water Filter: Overview

  • Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System (No water waste): While filtering this whole house water filter doesn’t waste water at all, which is a problem with general filters in the market. Also, it has a lifeline of 10 years. 
  • Express Water Heavy Metal (easy maintenance): Express whole house water filter is very easy to maintain in my experience. You just have to change or service the filters in it once a year and you are done, which is not the case for most whole house water filters. 
  • iSpring WGB32B 3 (high water flow and filtration rate): One of the most common problems I have faced with a whole house water filter is “water flow”. But surprisingly that is not the case for iSpring WGB32B 3.

These are my top 3 picks, apart from these I have mentioned 7 more whole house water filters that are worth looking at.

Best Whole House Water Filter: a detailed review

So, we ended up researching the top whole house water filters in 2022, after testing different water filters and taking personal reviews from professionals we have concluded the following list of the best water filtration system that will guide you to pick the best one.

But, still, it’s all depends upon your requirements. Either you are looking for the heavy-duty water filtration system or considering the limited budget to find the simple filter that removing chlorine, bad smell or odor from well water.  So, let’s begin the list and see which suits you.

💧1. Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

  • No water waste when it comes to filtration. It will keep giving healthy water for up to 10 years.
  • It includes a filtration tank along 20” pre-filter, post-filter. Brass fittings and bend support keep it working healthy. Also contains a shut-off valve with fittings for 0.75” pipe.
  • It is one to remove chlorine from water i.e., removes 97%, which gives a great taste to the drinking water.
  • Aquasana uses salt-free SCM technology to protect the pipes and to prevent scale formation.
  • UV filtration that kills bacteria.

Aquasana Water Filter System is the one to filter out unwanted sediments and 97% chlorine so that you get healthy water running in your home. It is one of the best filters in the market available, which has a life of 10 years.

  • Life of this water filtration system is almost 10 years, which is amazing.
  • Best for removing chlorine and smell from the well water.
  • Your hair and body are no longer exposed to hazardous chemicals and chlorine. This keeps your skin and hair healthier.
  • Lets you breathe easy in the showers because of the filtration. All the Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are prevented from evaporating into the air and helps you breathe without any problem.
  • It might be pricey as the cost varies between $800-1200.
  • Installation is without the pro installation kit.
  • Need Proper plumbing knowledge to install it.

The Final Verdict

The Aquasana Water Filter For Home has the newest technology to clean and prevent the water from having any impurification. It cleans 97% of chlorine which can be hazardous for your hair and skin. Although it comes at a higher price, it will help to keep you and your family healthier.

💧2. Express Water Heavy Metal – 3 Stage Home Water Filtration System

Product Features

  • This product supplies a high volume of filtered water for the whole house, which is engineered with high flow filtration.
  • It prevents the wastage of water and has no added chemicals.
  • Express Water has 100% food-grade materials which are built to last.
  • High durability food-grade ABS and PCE plastic.
  • The housings are fitted to a durable stainless freestanding mount.
  • Verified filters and laboratory tested.

The Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter is a 3-stage water filter which cleans your water to the precision. It gives out crisp, sparkling water without any impurities, which is safe and healthy to drink. This product has one of the best water filtration system installed in it and is great for your family.

  • Fast flow filtration with triple power to clean the water.
  • Saves water and keeps itself an environmentally friendly product.
  • Saves time and funds with the help of high capacity filters.
  • Each filter lasts till 6-12 months hence maintenance is easier.
  • Filter changes are easy and quick.
  • Gives up an option of mounting the water filter.
  • Stainless steel improves buffering of the water.
  • Sometimes leaves stains.
  • Temporarily gives out sediments when installing on the first place. Can cause the customer to get confused.

The Final Verdict

Express whole house water filter is environmentally friendly because of its extensive features. It gives greywater at first. The company needs to warn about this. Otherwise, this water filter is one of the best whole house water filter available.

💧3. iSpring WGB32B 3 -Stage Whole House Water Filtration System

  • First stage high capacity polypropylene sediment filter.
  • The capacity of 100,000 gallons.
  • Year-long life of both filters.
  • Sizes available: 4.5” x 10”, 2.5” x 20”, 4.5”x 20”.
  • Water pressure delivered: up to 15 GPM.
  • Treats Chlorine, Chloramines, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas.
  • Double filtration.
  • Weight: 49 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 21 x 8 x 28 inches.
  • Sediment and fine double carbon.

The filter contains carbon and fine sediments that enable the removal of dirt, particles, chlorine taste, odors, and smells. It also aids in iron and manganese removal that is not only harmful to your appliances but also your health. It also has hose connectors and also removes lead, which contributes to brain and neural damage.

The Final Verdict

It is not only the dirt and sediments we see floating in the water that can harm us. It is the germs, industrial solvents, herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, and what not, utterly invisible to the eye, that can harm or even kill us. They damage our health and our home appliances, our laundry, and our plants.

To prevent this, you need an efficient defense against them, and a great option is iSpring’s water filtration system. With high water flow and filtration rate, easy management, and once a year replacement need, it is a very convenient and suitable way to protect your health as well as your home.

💧4. CULLIGAN WH-HD200-C Whole House Sediment Water

Product Features

  • Heavy-duty Water Filter.
  • Temperature range: 40°F – 100°F.
  • From 30 to 100 PSI pressure range and between 40 degrees F to100 degree F temperature range.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket, housing wrench, filter life monitory, and filter battery monitor.
  • Product dimensions: 7.5 x 8.3 x 16.3 inches.
  • Weight: 3 pounds.
  • Color: Grey cap, clear bowl.
  • Compatible filters include: R50-BBSA, CW25-BBS, CP5-BBS, CW5-BBS, RFC-BBSA.
  • Offering a variety of colors with one inch Inlet/Outlet system size.

The Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Water Filtration System is not only for humans but also for appliances or machines. This unit is an excellent choice for the RV. Out of its amazing features, this unit has a visible sump. It let you view the process of filtration. With premium quality, it is offering outstanding results. Indeed, it is appreciated by most users.

For the price point, it is expensive. So if you can pay a bit extra, then it is our higher suggestion. Let’s come to the features in detail. This unit has a filter for a while house. It is made of stainless steel material. With a built-in bypass shutoff valve, it comes with a unique design.

On its front, it allows the valve as well as a changeable filter. There is a timer so you would know when it has to change. Like other high-end models, this unit will take care of dirt, sand, bad taste, and other chemical odors. Besides that, this unit is also offering a housing wrench, a filter life motor, battery as well as a mountain bracket.

  • Best for sediment problem of water.
  • Strong and ridged.
  • LED indicator to tell filters need to be changed.
  • Great quality for its price.
  • Easy to install, strong and sturdy bracket.
  • Need a very careful installation as plastic threads may ripped or crack that leads to leakage.
  • Plastic nipples at the inlet and outlet.

The Final Verdict

Clean water is not only essential for humans but machines as well. Your water heater needs clean water to function well too just like you do to stay healthy. This best water filter has a clear sump which will allow you to see the process of filtration.

It is exceptionally well made, has excellent features, and is loved by most customers, which is why they are willing to pay the extra dollars too.

💧5. Home Master Whole House Two Stage Water Filtration System

Product Features

  • Has a 1st stage filter with a multi gradient depth polypropylene sediment filter 25micron outer layer, 10-micron inner layer, and 1-micron inner core layer sediment filter.
  • The 2nd stage filter has a catalytic carbon filter. This helps to give purer water due to improved carbon contact
  • It contains a fully assembled home master filter system.
  • The cartridges in the filters can hold up to 6-12 months of life.
  • It is designed for comfort and convenience.

The Home Master Whole House Two Stage Water Filtration System is the best to filter the city water. It helps to keep the impurities away from you and your family and makes your water healthier and removes any odor problems from the water. It has the best whole house water filter system which removes all impurities, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals like lead and copper.

  • Removes 95% of impurities, sediments, and chlorine from water to give clean water in your home.
  • Oversize filters to improve water flow rate and decreases frequent maintenance.
  • Has a coconut shell carbon filter that lasts long before a replacement.
  • An improved flow rate that saves time, money and inconvenience.
  • Does not let the water pressure to go down and keeps the flow frequent.
  • It is bigger in size which can cause a little bit of inconvenience.
  • A professional plumber can only do the installation.

The Final Verdict

The Home Master Whole House Two Stage Water Filtration System has the best water purification system. It removes most of the degradation of water to give you something safe to use and drink.

It is the best option when it comes to maintenance due to its oversize filters, but it comes with the difficulty of changing them. This product is not easy to install but still is the one to choose when you see it working.

💧6. 3M Aqua Pure – Whole House Water Filter

  • Comes with sweat in place filtration mechanism.
  • Made of high-quality construction because of stainless steel body.
  • With a high flow rate up to 75 liters per minute.
  • Offering Sanitary Quick change design.
  • Eliminate all chlorine taste, odors, and sediments.

Another good choice is 3M Aqua-Pure for whole-house installation.  This unit ensures you get all hard water characteristics by eliminating all the sediments. This water softener is also protecting water from appliance plumbing fixtures at your home. Not only the appliance, but it would also be a perfect unit for pipes.

Unlike other models listed on this page, this unit is offering great taste regardless of where you are drinking water from your home. Additionally, it is lifted with a feature name sanitary Quick-change design. Besides that, it is the best camping world water softener.

Apart from that. This system prevents spills. In the process of protecting, the system can be changed without using a filter wrench. Further, you can change it by twisting off with a new one. As far as the concern with installation, it is super easy. With 20 gallons of flow rate, it ensures you would get the best softener available on the market.

  • Strong and durable.
  • Best for removing the smell and feel of chlorine from the water.
  • Easy to replace cartridges.
  • Virtually spill-free.
  • Easy to manage and clean.
  • Fast water flow rate.
  • Shut and bypass valve needed during filter replacement (water spews everywhere, otherwise).
  • New filters are bit costly.
  • Water pressure becomes low within a few weeks as the filter gets dirty.

The Final Verdict

Clean water is essential to maintain the quality and efficiency of your home appliances. You do not want a heater or machine getting damaged or expensive clothes getting worn due to mere sediments or dirt. To prevent this, a suitable water filter is of immense importance.

This is why we recommend the 3M Aqua-Pure whole house filtration system which keeps your water clean and free of particulates, odors, or chlorine taste. Easy to use and manage; it is a great and feasible choice. So make sure that this filter suits your needs and get yours.

💧7. APEC Water System Flagship Whole House Water Filter

  • 2-stage WH-SOLUTION-MAX10.
  • Heavy-duty Whole House Water System.
  • Suitable for hardness below 25 grains/gallon.
  • Salt-free water filters.
  • Automatic cleaning filters.
  • Catalytic granular carbon filters.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 32 x 59.5 inches.

This water filtration system cleans and filters your water so efficiently that it removes maximum sediments, dirt, odors, taste, and even softens the water. This, in turn, weakens your hair and skin making it healthier and less prone to dryness and infection.

The first stage of water filtration uses high grade catalytic granular carbon that removes chloramines, chlorine taste, odors, and dangerous VOCs and THMs. It has automatic cleaning feature maintenance a piece of cake. The high-quality water that it provides not only keeps your skin and hair healthy but also keeps your fruits and vegetables safe to eat.

There is no need to worry that you may be consuming pesticides or industrial solvents anymore. These substances accumulate in your body and can prove to be fatal if consumed for long periods.

This filter also protects your laundry from wearing out as well as your appliances. The filter has a salt-free water conditioning system that softens your water without the use of salts.

💧8. HQUA-TWS-12

  • It works on the technique of UV water sterilization which makes sure to quickly purify the water for you in a short speck of time.
  • It has 55 watts 12 GPM which is approximately 21 inches long while the diameter is 3.5 inches.
  • The UV lamp has a lifetime of about 9000 hours which does an incredible job.
  • The whole process does not include any addition or connection of chemical which keeps the water drinkable and safe.
  • By the end of this process, almost 99 percent of the bacteria and viruses get excluded from the water lines.
  • A manual booklet is also present that helps the users regarding easy installation and maintenance.

This filtration system is sufficient for your whole house water supplies. Its efficiency allows it to purify the whole water supply in each and every tap of your house. The best thing about this system is that its whole process is environment-friendly. The purifying technique used in it makes sure that you only get to use the safest pure water available.

When it comes to its maintenance, you only have to do its service twice a year. It can work pretty well for about two years. Considering that it purifies your whole house’s water supply, I’d say it does a commendable job.

  • Easy installation.
  • Durable quality.
  • Extra UV lamp and quartz sleeve.
  • Best for removing toxins.
  • The water after filtration might be hot.

The Final Verdict

This filtration system contains a whole system of purifying stages. Yet, it manages to get you perfectly safe water for your use. The price in all of its features is one of the best things about it. It is affordable and it works well no matter what type of house you have. Thus, it serves well as a system while you have to invest within a budget.

💧9. APEC 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter

Product Features

  • It is a 3 stage chlorine removal filtration system
  • It can purify particles such as dust, sand, VOCs, rust, silt, odors, and much more.
  • Pre-assembled body ready for you to mount it.
  • First stage contains sediment filtration.
  • Second stage contains sediment and carbon filtration.
  • Third stage contains carbon block filtration.

This filtration system makes sure that you get the most of the healthy part from water. The three stages purify each and every impurity on its way and deliver pure healthy water to your taps. This system is good enough to work for a big house too.

Thus, it speaks for its efficiency itself. The filtration system is supposed to be installed near your main water supply so that its purified water can reach each and every part of your water supplies.

Another amazing aspect of this system is that it is already assembled for you to use. so, you don’t really need an expert to do it. You can do it yourself if you have some experience beforehand.

Its filtration capacity is yet another factor that makes it a good choice for the users it can filter 100,000 gallons of water for you. So, you do not have to worry about your water supplies once you install this system in your house.

  • Inexpensive solution.
  • 100,000 gallons capacity.
  • Pre-assembled body.
  • Heavy-duty houses.
  • Takes some time to purify water to the outlet.

The Final Verdict

APEC 3-Stage whole House water filter is a good choice for the people who are looking for a durable investment. It cleans out the water from all the toxins. The additional thing that it does is that it removes all the odors from the water which people often complain about after filtration. Thus, it is one of the best whole house water filters available in the market.

💧10. Springwell Whole House Water Filter System

  • The Springwell Water comes with premium stainless steel to keep the clean water flowing easily.
  • It Has a pre-filter housing with a 5-micron sediment filter. With that, it also comes with a Mounting Bracket and a Spanner wrench
  • It has one of the best whole house water filtration systems which prevent 99.6% of chlorine from entering the water.
  • The water purification system inside this product does not use electricity to work.
  • It removes pesticides and other impurities from water to give the best quality water for the whole house.

This House Water Filter System is an easy installation system for your home, which gives the best quality of filtration. It cleans the water for everyday use and every type of use i.e., drinking, showering, cooking. This Water Filter does not use electricity. Springwell has been a renowned company for water filtration and gives a 6-month money-back guarantee.

  • Does not use electricity.
  • Easy to install.
  • Reduces chlorine from water to keep your skin healthier and pure.
  • It removes heavy metals from water.
  • Comes stainless steel to keep it working for a longer time.
  • Don’t include the much information to follow up about the product to the company.
  • Dimensions are not clear.

The gradient three-stage filtration technology, this filter can also remove industrial solvents, pesticides, and herbicides, the presence of which in your drinking water for a long time can prove to be fatal. Purifying water to the whole house, it is a great choice.

  • First stage filter gives filtration down to 5 microns.
  • CTO carbon block filters provide maximum filtration
  • Long filter life.
  • Does not remove all solids, keeping the healthy minerals present in water.
  • Durable.
  • Removes excellent and harmful substances that many filters cannot.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Problems with discoloration in the appliances.
  • Issue of leakages if not installed by experts.
  • A bit Expensive.

The Final Verdict

When it comes to usage, it does not require lengthy installations and does not use electricity when working. Though the instruction manual is not informative and does not give every detail about the product, Springwell is one of the best companies for Water filter.

How to Choose Best Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house filtration system is designed to remove chemicals and particulates from your water before it hits the tap. It attaches to your water line meaning the water is filtered as it enters your home. 

It is generally more sustainable and cheaper in the long run than filtering your water after it comes out of the tap. 

What is a Whole House Water Filter?
What is a Whole House Water Filter?

Home filtration systems can be used to combat a variety of issues you might experience with your water. Each problem requires a slightly different solution so you’ll need to carefully evaluate your needs before buying a filtration system. 

Some of the issues that can be helped by a filtration system are: 

💧Water hardness

Hard water is caused by excessive amounts of minerals dissolved in your water. This can cause deposit build-ups in your pipes, scum on your dishes and appliances, and a soapy taste in your water.

Water softener systems use an ion exchange system to reduce water hardness. Porous resin beads fill the filtration chamber. These beads have negatively charged ions. The minerals in the water have positively charged ions.

The positive ions are attracted to the negative ions and so the minerals are trapped while the water flows through.


If you’re worried about living germs and organisms in your water you’ll want to invest in an ultraviolet filtration system.

UV filtration systems are useful for well water users and also come in handy when you’re advised to boil water before use. 

They work by damaging the DNA of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other living microorganisms with UV light. Once damaged, the organisms can no longer wreak havoc in our bodies. 

UV filtrations work best if the water has already passed through a sediment filter. This removes particles that could potentially shield or hide the organisms from the UV light.


Fine particles of sand, clay, dirt, or rust can find their way into your water. This could be due to the water sources or because of a problem with your pipes. 

Either way, sediment is unsightly when it clouds your water and it can cause damage to your pipes. The sediment can clog your water pipes which ultimately leads to expensive repairs. 

A sediment filter has pores on the surface. These pores are too small for the sediment particles to fit through but large enough for the water. This process is known as mechanical filtration. 

If you have a series of filters in your system, your sediment filter should come first. It gets rid of the bigger bits so the other filters can focus on the smaller, often microscopic issues.


Chlorine is used in water purification centers to kill germs and bacteria in the water. It’s a handy chemical but it does tend to create a bit of an unpleasant taste and smell. 

It’s important to remember that water that contains chlorine from municipal water plants is totally safe to drink. The smell and taste are less than desirable but not harmful. 

Carbon filters can be used to remove chlorine from the water and thus neutralize the taste and odor. 

Carbon filters contain activated carbon catalysts. When water passes through them the chemicals are captured or changed by the carbon. This removes the chlorine lingering in your water. 

Carbon filters are also great at removing chloramines which are an alternative to chlorine. Chloramines are becoming increasingly common in municipal water plants but can be a lot harder to remove. 

Activated carbon filters are the best way to deal with chloramines. 

Whole House Filtration V Reverse Osmosis Systems

These are both fairly common methods of removing particulates and chemicals from drinking water but they operate very differently. 

In a filtration system, water is actively passed through a series of filters to remove contaminants. These filters might be as basic as holes in a membrane or could be more advanced like a carbon catalyst. 

The key thing to remember about filtration is that the water moves because of pressure in the system. 

In a reverse osmosis system, the mechanism of movement is osmosis. 

If you can’t remember what osmosis is from your science class, let me remind you. 

Osmosis is a process in which water moves across a selectively permeable membrane into an area of higher solvent concentration. 

So, if you had a beaker of sugar dissolved in water and a beaker of distilled water joined by a selectively permeable membrane, the distilled water would move into the sugar water to try and equalize the water concentration.

In reverse osmosis, the process is reversed. Water containing a high concentration of particulates makes its way through the membrane into an area with a lower concentration of particulates. 

The selectively permeable membrane allows the water molecules to pass through, but not the particulates. 

Both systems have their merits, however, filtration systems are the better option for a household. 

Filtration systems are much quicker which means you are unlikely to notice a change in your water pressure or access. 

Reverse osmosis systems take a lot longer to work and you’d need a huge system to manage the water you use in a day. 

If you do want ultra-clean water you could install an under the sink reverse osmosis system that will allow you to target drinking water. After all, you don’t really need pristine water to flush your toilet with!