Big Berkey Water Filter Review

Are you in search of a sweet-tasting water provider with an affordable price and little installation troubles? Big Berkey water filter system is what you need. This item provides pure water and meets all the demands of the user. The package is unique and convenient without needing an unnecessary installation process.

big berkey wate filter review


It’s portable, making it possible to carry it around while you are touring. Although it’s not certified by NSF legislation, it’s a recommended item if you want clean and safe-to-drink water regardless of the water hardness levels in your area. The filters are available in six models, and you can choose whichever suits you best. So, let start the big Berkey water filter review.

Features of Big Berkey Water Filter

  • Portable
  • 2.25-gallon capacity – Suitable for 1-4 people per day
  • Very powerful purification system, remove 99.9% of viruses pathogenic bacteria
  • Economical and long-lasting

The Berkley water filtration system is a well-polished stainless-steel item. The full kit contains:

  • 2-4 filters
  • 2 chambers
  • A lid
  • A spigot
  • Rubber gasket bottom
  • 2 wads

Performance and capabilities of Berkey water filter

Berkey filter applies two principles; microfiltration and adsorption. Every screen has uncountable openings that allow water molecules to pass through but denies access to contaminants. That is how microfiltration works.

Adsorption- here, small contaminants get trapped on the filter, making it impossible to get out with water. These two technologies work closely to completely block all kinds of contaminants from flowing through with water as you fetch. Using it is simple.

Remove the lid and fill the upper section with water. The water will flow down the lower chamber and allows you to fetch it through a spigot.

The impurities it destroys

In addition to eliminating unpleasant taste and odor, it gets rid of bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, and many other dangerous chemicals.

The black Berkey filter removes both chlorine and chloramine. Furthermore, it can minimize fluoride content by about 98%, if you fix PF-2 fluoride and arsenic filters.

Installation of Berkley water filter

It’s a cinch to install the filter. The first thing is to flush the system with water. Fix the black filters in the upper slot and tighten them with the wingnuts and washers. Attach the fluoride filters on them. Connect the spigot to the downward part, put the upper section on top, and the setup is complete.

big berkey installation

  • It’s flexible – It’s designed like other countertop units, allowing you to move with it anywhere and anytime it’s needed. It’s also possible to empty it and disassemble the whole system and go with it on vacation. The filters are delicate and can easily get destroyed, ensure you handle them carefully.
  • Minimizes waste supply – Having it at home eliminates the purchasing of water bottles. In the end, you’ll have little waste to give to the garbage collectors.

  • Retains beneficial minerals – Other filter systems destroy the useful minerals along with the contaminants. However, Berkey only removes toxic substances and leave the beneficial minerals.

  • Filters water from any source – The product can filter water from anywhere, streams, ponds, and so on. Although this capability reduces the item’s lifespan, it’s ideal during desperate moments when water is scarce.

  • It’s durable and filters more things than its competitors – The stainless steel makes it serve you for a long time without rusting. The maintenance cost is low and easy to clean and destroys fluoride and arsenic substances. It filters lots more contaminants than any other filter.

  • Expensive – While it surpasses other filter systems in terms of performance, it also demands a higher investment than others. But the price is worth breaking the bank, considering the filters last longer.

  • Requires frequent refills – The item needs you to refill it from time to time. It may seem tiring, but it’s not a con to keep you off since almost all filtering systems require refills.

  • Takes a big space – Being a gravity water filter system makes it occupy ample space in your kitchen. Its tallness limits the storage choices in the cabinets. The best place to store it is next to your sink for easy retrieval and a smooth filling process.

FAQs for Big Berkey Water Filter

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The Bottom Line

This article proves why the big Berkey water filter remains the top-listed among its competitors. With it, you can still go to your camping or on trips without getting health problems associated with drinking unfiltered water.

The maintenance needs are little and do not require complicated installation. Ensure you use it appropriately. The level of water at the top and the bottom should be well balanced. Remember, the filtering rate is slow, don’t wait until the bottom is empty to refill it.