Pentair Water Softener Reviews: 3 Best Product!

Pentair Water Solutions provides experienced and trusted home water specialists that utilize sophisticated techniques to analyze your specific water issues. Personalized solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and provide you with better-tasting water.

But on the other hand, in my experience Pentair water softener is hard to maintain compared to other ones available. Also for most of the Pentair water softeners you can’t increase the warranty if you want to.

Pentair water softener reviews
Pentair water softener reviews

In general, Water softening systems supposed to extend the life of your appliances, make your home more hygienic, and prevent your clothes from drying out and fading. An effective water softener might even save you money in the long run. Because hard water damages appliances, you save money in the long run by not having to buy new ones.

Here I have written Pentair water softener reviews to give you an Idea, if it is capable of all the things that I mentioned above.

Pentair Water Softener Reviews: Our Top Pick

  • Easy to Install: Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener, This Pentair water solution is the easiest to install of all. It has a step-by-step guide on installing, which allows the user to install it easily.
  • Whole-home solution:  Pentair Pelican PSE1800-P, This whole water filter solution allows you to filter upto 5 microns after being installed. This is the best choice as a whole-home solution.
  • Best Pentair Water Softener for Small Family: Pentair OMNIFilter OM26KCS, If you have a small family and need a compact Water Softener, this is the perfect choice.

Pentair water softener reviews

The Pentair Fleck series has several notable advantages and features:

  • An easy-to-use mechanical design makes for a quick and painless assembly process.
  • Fibre-reinforced polymer, resistant to UV radiation, is used to make its body.
  • The injector/drain modules, including the brine valve, flow controls and injector, may be removed.
  • The high-performance plastic gearbox on this durable construction timer is 3/8 inches wide.
  • Using and configuring the 5600SXT controllers is simple.

💧Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck water softener Review 

Water softeners like the Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Water Softener are dependable systems that can provide you with years of soft water. Installation is quite simple for those familiar with DIY projects, and an instruction manual is included on a USB thumb drive.

Remember that Fleck (Pentair) is a control valve manufacturer rather than a water softener manufacturer, so keep that in mind while considering the brand. A separate company makes the tanks from the pumps. The control valve comes with a 5-year guarantee, which is not as substantial as the warranties offered by other manufacturers. Similarly, the 10-year guarantee on the tanks pales in contrast to the lifetime warranty offered by other manufacturers.

Hard water’s few advantages pale compared to the constant headaches it wreaks on its users. Limescale clogs and stains pipes, kettles, sinks, and water heaters in every residence where hard water runs. This is a common problem.

When washed in harsh water, clothing loses its vibrant colour and supple texture. Soap doesn’t lather effectively in the shower because water dilutes the foam. There is less sparkle in the dishes now than when they were new.

Calcium, magnesium, and potentially iron must be removed from hard water before it may be re-softened. Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck is meant to accomplish precisely that. Minerals and brine are stored in separate tanks.

Using a control valve, municipal water is pumped into the tank. Ion-exchange beads in the mineral tank exchange sodium ions for calcium and magnesium ions. As opposed to Pentair’s prior 8 per cent crosslink resins, this model utilizes the more effective 10 per cent crosslink resins.

A grain’s worth of hardness-causing ions may be calculated. The daily processing required for a family of four is 3,200 grains of this material, and it claims to have a processing capacity of 48,000 before regeneration.


It is scalable (additional mineral tanks).
✅ A long period of usefulness.


The warranty period is limited.
❌ A large and intrusive size.
❌ Periodic maintenance is required.
❌ Continual expenditure (salt).

💧Pentair Pelican PSE1800-P Review

A few points separated between the Pentair PSE1800 and the finest well water filter system. Despite this, it’s still a powerful water treatment system that can remove almost all dangerous chemicals from your source.

Pentair PSE1800 tanks and filter stages are more costly than Aquasana and SpringWell’s comparable products, but they provide the same filter power with superior construction elements, including stainless steel-wrapped tanks.

Pentair’s PSE1800 employs a sediment filter to remove particles larger than 5 microns from water (20 times smaller than a human hair). An initial filtering stage helps protect the subsequent filter stages from large particulates.

Filtration system Carbon Series is the best whole home water filter.

Copper-zinc KDF and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters are used in the PSE1800’s main whole-house stage. Using this method, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and many other toxic substances can be effectively removed.

The tanks are protected and regulated, thanks to stainless steel wrapping. Pentair’s up flow design, which eliminates the need to plug the filter head into an outlet and allows backwashing without mechanical input, is noteworthy.

Using outsourcing technology, Pentair’s UV purifier is as effective as the other UV filters we’ve discussed, including Springwell. In terms of dependability and performance, it can get rid of more than 99 percent of infections.


✅ UV purifier.
✅ Sediment filter.


❌ The warranty period is limited, you can’t even increase it.

💧Pentair OMNIFilter OM26KCS Review 

The compact cabinet form of Pentair OMNIFilter OM26KCS is really useful as it saves a lot of space. It comes with a 26,000-grain capacity, perfect for 2-3 members of a family. 

Pentair OMNIFilter OM26KCS also consumes 30% less energy than most other water softeners, so if you are looking for an energy-saving option, this may be the perfect choice for you. 

Another feature worthy of looking at is the Smart reserve technology. It lets you predict your water usage so that the water softener can work efficiently in terms of daily usage. The water quality of the softener also follows the NSF/ANSI standard 372 and standard 44.


Highly efficient.
✅ 26,000-grain capacity.


The warranty period is limited.
❌ Periodic maintenance is required.

This article can be useful if you are trying to treat hard water:

How to Choose the Best Water Softener System?

When comparing the many brands and kinds of water softeners on the market, it’s important to keep these criteria in mind when making your final decision. The hardness of your home’s water, the number of people in your family, the total amount of water they consume.

Your financial situation, and the technical capabilities of different water softening systems are important factors to keep in mind. You’ll be well on your way to discovering the perfect water softener for your household if you answer the following questions.

💧My water isn’t as clear as I’d want

Regardless of where you live or what kind of water supply you have, there will always be some degree of hardness in your home’s water. It’s important to know how hard your water is before purchasing a water softener since each type is designed to handle a certain range of hardness. The device must address your unique hard water complaints.

💧Why does my family consume so much water?

Grain capacity, the technical term for water softener softening capacity, is measured in the tens of thousands, and this number is often seen next to a model number. To ensure that you choose a system with adequate softening capacity for your whole house, you need to be aware of this. It’s a no-brainer: as the population grows, so does the need for water softeners and vice versa.

💧Do I need a water softener?

Budget, functionality, and features differ widely among water softeners, as you can see in the following purchase guidance. Many factors, including energy efficiency, iron removal, salt consumption and even pollutant filtering capabilities, are considered when selecting a water softener for your home.

It may seem like a lot of technical information at first look, but narrowing down your options becomes much simpler if you learn some basic water softening terms.


Water softeners come in a wide variety, so you can be sure to choose the right one for your home. To cut down your search for a water softener, you just need to understand the process. The questions above can help you narrow down your search for a water softening system.