Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review

The Poly Salt-Free Softener is a triple action, modernized water softener that combines fuses all the three roles of the standard softening components. As a homeowner, you will need different filters, softeners, and filtration systems to perform individual purposes. But with Poly Salt-Free Water Softener, you have all three tasks performed in a single unit.

In the softening unit, phosphate media dissolves into the water as it passes through it. The phosphate media works by binding harmful chemicals like magnesium and calcium and preventing them from forming limescale deposits.

poly salt free water softener review


The softener has a 50-micron filter that can be recycled and easily removed. Additionally, the softener has an added advantage of BPA- free plastic that enhances water softening without side effects. So, let’s start the Poly Salt-Free Water Softener Review.

Features of Poly Salt-Free Water Softener

Poly Salt-Free Water Softener comes with the following features:

  • A user manual that instructs on how to install and maintain the unit.
  • A 50- micron reusable filter that is reusable and easy to disassemble.
  • Included wall-mounting bracket and a housing wrench.
  • Permanently installed a 25-micro filter that is stainless steel and easily cleaned.
  • A durable high impact clear poly housing.
  • It is designed with a 30 GPM flow rate to ensure a maintained pressure.
  • An extra free polyphosphate tank.
  • A pre-filled polyphosphate cartridge.


Poly Salt-Free Water Softener works on the same necessary softening process as the standard softeners, although no salt is used. The phosphate minerals inside the system hold the calcium and magnesium suspended inside it. This prevents the hard water causing minerals from depositing limescale residues in home appliances. The softening process begins with incoming water going through the Hard Water Bullets scale control core that breaks down the calcium and magnesium minerals into aragonite crystals.

Water moves through the polyphosphate cartridge containing both phosphate crystals and a 50-micron filter screen from the control core. The phosphate crystals break down the calcium and magnesium to form crystals. A 50-micron filter screen filters the water’s impurities as it moves to the unit’s conditioning core. The polyphosphate finally softens water by suspending the calcium and magnesium crystals and prevents them from proceeding with water to your home.  Although the system is salt-free, it is considered a softener and not a conditioner. This is simply due to its ability to hold the calcium and magnesium after breaking them into aragonite crystals. Some of the advantages of the system being salt-free include;

  • There is no water wastage during the softening process.
  • You will not worry about topping up the tank with salt regularly as it is done in other softening units.
  • The phosphate minerals are estimated to last for about ten months before you think of changing them.
  • It is cheaper and energy saving since it does not need to regenerate or electricity to run.
  • It also offers protection to home appliances from the effects of hard water, cutting down your cleaning expenses, and increasing their lifespan.
  • It is a 3-in-1 unit, softening, filtering, and conditioning water in the same process.
  • 50-micron reusable filter minimizes the replacement costs, and it is easy to clean.
  • Easy to install since the unit comes when pre-assembled and polyphosphates inside.
  • The beads are durable, with a lifespan of 10 to 12 months.
  • Salt-free water is suitable for people with low-sodium requirements.
  • The system works 24 hours nonstop and requires no regeneration.
  • The unit may need a professional plumber to install.
  • Its effectiveness may differ in particular hard water as it may not filter chemicals and sediments.
  • Polyphosphate beads are not permanent since they require refilling after 12 months.


Poly Salt-Free Water Softener unit comes when it is pre-assembled with the polyphosphate beads inside, so it becomes easy for you to install at a place of your choice along the main water pipe. For efficient drainage, it is recommended to install the system vertically. In some cases, professional plumbers are hired, who can do the installation in 1 or 2 hours. However, the unit comes with its user manual, which offers guidance on installation; therefore, it’s preferred to be installed by the user. The maintenance costs are cut down because the only important factors to give attention to are the unit’s ability to clean and change the phosphates.

The 50-micron filter is reusable, meaning you only need to take it out and clean after every month, depending on how frequently you use it. Regular cleaning prevents possible clogging and maintains its high performance. You are also advised to do a 6-months regular checkup of polyphosphate beads, even though they are estimated to last between 10 to 12 months. However, the replacement period for the beads depends on the average use. If you exceed their average usage means you will need to replace them before 12 months are over.

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FAQs About Poly 3-in-1 Water Softener

  1. Can I buy commercial high flow salt-free softeners?

Ans: Yes. There are commercial high flow salt-less softeners that treat flows start from 35gpm per unit. For instance, the largest single-unit can treat up to 500 gallons in a minute.

  1. Can I install a saltless water softener system on the hot water circulating pump?

Ans: It is not recommendable to install the system on hot water because the harsh chemicals will build up in the water and cause highly concentrated deposits. You can only install on cold water pipe leading to the hot water pump.


If you are looking for the best water softener, then you better choose Poly Salt-Free Water Softener. This softening unit is of the new class and is designed to do all the three functions of the other standard units. You don’t need to worry about buying different systems for filtering, softening, and conditioning water since the unit has all that it takes to offer triple services to you.

The most outstanding feature is that the unit comes fully loaded with polyphosphates beads and a permanent 25-micron filter, and you don’t need to buy them. Maintenance costs of Poly Salt-Free Softener are reasonably low as you are only required to clean the system regularly. Not forgetting that the unit is suitable for people with low sodium requirements.