The 30 Scientifically Amazing Facts about Water

Water is undoubtedly one of the precious things we have on planet Earth. It not only suffices all our day-to-day requirements but also plays an important role in the regulation of the ecosystem as well.

I may sound a bit more scientific here, but it is what it is! Water is the essence of our life, which if we leave for even less than a week, we would not survive. Well, I just stated a fact about water. Isn’t it?

Facts about Water

Moving on, here we are going to shed light on 30 amazing facts about water, which would lead us to another fact that what major things we were missing.

That said, let’s just get straight to the point:

World Water Facts:

No matter how habitual the use of water is, still many of us don’t know the common aspects of water. Here we have listed the basic facts about water that would surely excite you to know more about water.

On that note, let’s get down to business:

  1. Water that existed on Earth millions of years ago, is still present today.
  2. Around 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water. So apparently, 29% of the land is where 7.594 billion people live.
  3. Water is composed of the two most abundant components of the universe i.e. oxygen and hydrogen.
  4. Water is the only natural thing that exists in all the three possible states (solid, liquid, gas) on our planet.
  5. The drinkable water i.e. pure water / (filtered water), has a pH value of 7. Above or below that rate causes the water to become basic or acidic respectively.
  6. The amount of drinkable and useful water for most of the living beings is about three-tenths of all the water on our planet.
  7. Water has a boiling point of 100℃ at room temperature. And the freezing point goes down to 0℃.
  8. As you go up the hill, water’s boiling and freezing points change.
  9. So turns out that water boiling temperature at sea level is different from its boiling level at Mount Everest and deep in the ocean.
  10. Now here is the fun fact: hot water gets frozen earlier than the cold water. Sounds crazy, right?
  11. Water expands by 9% upon freezing.
  12. Water regulates the Earth’s temperature.
  13. Water is used to produce electricity.
  14. Water makes an ideal solvent with many of the solutes. That’s where water dissolves almost everything.
  15. The polar bond of water allows it to dissolve almost every substance.
  16. Wherever there is water on Earth, there is life. No matter the temperature and state of the water. That is why deep down in the oceans are water animals, and high above the mountains are polar animals!
  17. Most of the drinkable water is stored underground. The water in aquifers is more than that of water above the surface.
  18. Half of our body weight is simply water. That’s where I realize I better start drinking water to have a full-rounded shape.
  19. Our eyes have 95% of water.
  20. Water acts as a shock-absorber for our brain and spinal cord.
  21. Water is more sticky than it appears not to be. That is why we see that water droplets gather around in all sorts of places.
  22. As for a purely scientific fact about water, it has a low molecular mass of about 18.
  23. Ice floats on water due to its low density. Simply put, the solid-state of water is more is less dense than the liquid state.
  24. Three out of ten people on Earth do not have access to pure, drinking water.
  25. Harmful water can lead you to death. 1.6 million people die every year due to waterborne diseases.
  26. Low-frequency sounds can travel miles in water. This is how whales communicate underwater.
  27. Agriculture consumes most of the freshwater every year.
  28. The biggest known cloud of Water has been discovered by NASA scientists, which is 12 billion light-years away from planet Earth.
  29. The biggest water cloud has 140 trillion times as much water in it as that of all the water in the world’s ocean.
  30. Water conducts electricity only when it becomes a solvent. Pure water never allows electricity to conduct through it. And what’s the worst part? You won’t find pure water in our natural environment.

And here we are with the 30 fun and scientific facts about water! This gives us a feeling of how blessed we are; because no water means no life!

tap water


  1. What is the color of water?

Water is normally said to be transparent or colorless. And guess what? That’s not true. Water possesses a color and that is a slight tinge of blue. In addition to that, it is not a reflection of sunlight, rather it’s the original color of the water.

  1. Does water expire?

No, water does not expire, nor gets bad. People assume that the expiry date mentioned on the bottled-water indicates the expiry date of water itself. But that’s not true. Pure water does not get worse. It is the plastic of the bottle that gets expired and adds into the water; making it harmful for health.

  1. Do water have any taste?

As a matter of fact, water is actually tasteless. It neither has sweet taste nor bitter. But in some cases, when the water is not that pure, and the ratio of contaminants like sodium is high in it, then we may have a salty or savory taste. But that doesn’t mean water is not universally tasteless. For sure it is.

To Summarize:

So this was all about the detail of 30 amazing facts about water. I hope you found it informational and got to know some quirks about our life’s essential. Plus after reading these facts, I’m pretty much sure that you’d know how important water it is for our well-being.

So, avoid wasting this blessing too much and use it as per your needs only.