Soft Pro Elite Basic High-Efficiency Water Softener Review

The soft pro elite basic high-efficiency water softener is one of the best products of the soft pro company. And this company has been around since 1993. Moreover, the sole aim of this company is to make incredible products that tackle all problems with hard water.

Other than that, the fleck water softener is one of the soft pro brands as well. Although in 2010, the soft pro water softener came into the market to solve all the problems of hard water. And the disruption that is caused by hard water to your household activities is inexhaustible. Hence, we recommend using a water softener as it has several benefits.

Soft Pro Elite

But this model of soft pro water softener will end all your hard water problems. Plus, it will align with your needs perfectly. And the pro elite has the best features and comes with the best perks. It has a protective tank jacket.

Importantly, the pro elite has a high flow system that allows for the free flow of water all around the house. Plus, the soft water brine of this tank refill design conserves the capacity. And the brine tank is cleaned. Although the bypass valve of the soft pro elite seamlessly integrates the turbine meter.

However, the smart design focuses on a high-efficiency performance that is combined with low salt requirements. The proprietary of pro elite multiple quick-connect features on the valve of the bypass, drain line, and power cord.

Features of the Soft Pro Elite Basic High-Efficiency Water Softener

Having hard water is a big issue. As hard water can cause limescale build-up in your plumbing system and other appliances, But instead of getting costly replacements. You can buy soft pro elite that has incredible performance and features. Have a look at its specs.

More Savings and Less Maintenance

No doubt, this water softener is best for the whole house that saves up to 75 percent of salt usage and 64 percent on wastewater over other popular brands.

Best Performance

And Soft pro elite basic high efficiency is a high flow softener with a better standard for performance. The elite system provides superior engineering.

Fine Mesh Resin

Soft pro elite basic high-efficiency water softener features an upgraded fine mesh resin and a large brine tank of 18×33 inches.

Protection by Soft Pro Elite

Pro elite protects your showerheads, dishwashers, bathtub faucets, washing machines, skin, hair, and much more.

More Chlorine Resistance

Soft pro is one of the best companies that have several models to offer more chlorine resistance, and one of them is the pro elite. Moreover, newly upgraded 10 percent crosslink resin stands up well against the chlorine, and it is strong enough for a longer life expectancy.

Easy Installation

Best of all, it has the best valve on the market and a large electronic touch screen LCD as well, although, it has easy programming. But if you don’t have any idea how to install it, better to hire a plumber.

LCD Design

This device has an aim to treat hard water. And the water treatment with some additional specials features. Also, it has an LCD, which makes for easy and simple operation. Plus, it comes with friendly maintenance, and all the functions are displayed on the LCD.

softpro elite softener

Up Flow Technology

Besides that, the salt refilling and cutting down your spending on water salt is simple. Also, the up-flow technology enables the optimal use of tanks. No doubt, the mineral tank is charged with the task of removing hardness from the water.

And if you have bought any of the water softener systems, you may be worried about the spending on salt and wastage of water. But this pro elite softener is better than other products.

Compatible with Other Home Appliances

Having hard water is an irritating issue because it can damage many household appliances. There are several appliances at risk when you have hard water or if you use well water.

The common things that are at risk include pipes, sinks, dishes, tub faucets are usually at high risk when you have a hard water issue.

Often, your sink is deposited with gunky stuff, and the dishes are left with stains. And the upshot that you are looking for is often the best replacement of pro elite water softener.


Lastly, Soft pro offers ten years of extended warranty on the control valve. Also, it has a lifetime warranty on the mineral and brine tanks.

Well, all the consequences of hard water can be easily reversed by using the soft pro elite basic high efficient water softener. And you will get soft water that lets soap gather quickly and free of gunky deposits.

Here we have the pros and cons of the soft pro elite water softener.

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Unique and compact design
  • Excellent capacity for softening hard water
  • Suitable and high flow rates for large household
  • Doesn’t wastewater
  • Easy maintenance and 24000 grain
  • Pro elite has ¾ plastic bypass valve
  • Backwash frequency saves 2000 gallons of water
  • Warranty periods and comes with 1-inch straight NPT
  • User-friendly LCD
  • Packaging meets all the water needs
  • Great customer care service and support
  • May need a plumber to install this it

The Bottom Line

With all that said, the soft pro elite basic high-efficiency water softener is best for you. And it fits perfectly according to all the values it offers. Plus, this water softener is portable, as well as cost-effective. The pro elite will give you a quality water treatment that removes the 3 PPM of iron. Also, this water softener is a prime example of a powerful, well-designed, and efficient water softening system.