Springwell FutureSoft FS1 Salt-Free Water Softener Review 2020

Springwell has been a front-runner in the water filtration industry for over 20 years. The company is well-known for manufacturing some of the best water filters and softeners on the market, so it was only right that we review a unit from their unique line of water softeners to see how it performs. And so, today we’ll be reviewing the Springwell FutureSoft FS1 Salt-Free Water Softener.


The FS1 is designed to eliminate hardness-causing minerals from water – without using salt. Springwell claims that the system can enhance the quality of water throughout your household for cleaner dishes and laundry, less scale buildup in your water heater systems, and other benefits. During our time with it, it didn’t fail to deliver on those claims. Our expectations were already high and wide for the system, but it performed way better than we initially thought it would.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the FS1 Salt-Free Water Softener, and discuss what we like and don’t like about it.

Features of the Springwell FS1 Salt-Free Water Softener System

1- Compact size and sophisticated design

With a tank width of 6 inches and a height of 35 inches (39 inches with head), the FS1 is a compact unit that won’t occupy much space. Besides that, it has one of the best designs we’ve ever seen on a water softener – if it matters to you. Its cylindrical glossy stainless-stain body and black base make the system look neater and more unique and modern.

2- Excellent scale prevention

When it comes to limescale prevention, the FS1 is second to none. It provides 99.6% scale prevention and removal, all without using an ounce of chemical or salt. That means no more scale buildup on your faucets, fixtures, showerheads, or plumbing. As such, your water-using appliances, such as your water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, etc., will last much longer.

3- Impressive softening process and performance – without the salt

One of the most outstanding features of the FS1 is that it does not use salt to soften water – unlike many other softeners on the market. For people on low-sodium diets and those with certain health complications, this softener is perfect. Salt-based softeners usually discharge the salt brine into the environment, which can cause a host of problems for aquatic life, plants, and even recyclable wastewater. With a softener like the FS1, you can help protect the environment and, of course, your overall health. You’ll also feel the difference in your skin and hair.

4- High flow rate for larger households

The FS1 uses the Springwell ActivFlo technology to produce a flow rate of 12 GPM. This flow rate allows the system to adequately supply fresh softened water to homes with to up three bathrooms, plus you won’t experience any decrease in water pressure when using the system.

5- Remarkable softening capacity for the cost

The FutureSoft system has a softening capacity of 35,000 grains of hardness and can remove up to 3 ppm of free chlorine.

  • Compact size and unique design
  • More suited for larger households
  • Excellent softening capacity and no drop in water pressure
  • Optional UV purification add-on to destroy bacteria and other pathogens
  • No salt required
  • Doesn’t waste water, so no drain needed
  • No electricity of replacements needed
  • Six-month satisfaction guarantee and industry-leading lifetime warranty
  • Financing option available, and free shipping
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Slightly expensive than a regular salt-based water softener, but less cost in annual maintenance

Installation Guide:

Installation Guide - Futuresoft Salt Free Water Softener (FS1 & FS4)

The Bottom Line

The Springwell FS1 Salt-Free Water Softener is a prime example of a powerful, efficient, and well-designed water softening system. If you want a constant supply of refreshing softened water in your home without the risk of salt-related health issues and other problems, the FS1 is the way to go. Head on over to Springwell’s website at www.springwellwater.com to learn more about the FS1 and their other unique products.