WaterBoss Water Softener Review 2022

If you are facing a hard water problem, then a good water softener can help you. Here is our full WaterBoss water softener review, one of the better products on the market!

If you are facing a hard water problem, then a good water softener can help you. Here is our full WaterBoss water softener review, one of the better products on the market!

If you are facing a hard water problem, then a good water softener can help to reduce the hardness of your water, and there is no better way to do this than to use a WaterBoss water softener. The WaterBoss water softener does a fantastic job reducing visible impurities in water, sediment, odors, chemical taste, and other contaminants.

WaterBoss Water Softener Review

Unlike other brands, WaterBoss works in a more efficient way to give you clean and healthy water. That’s why we’ve created a top 3 WaterBoss water softeners review. Each model has a different grain capacity, design, and requirement of salt and water.

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Before choosing, make sure you have determined your needs so that you can easily select the best model for you depending on the grain capacity, filter, and size.

Note: All the listed products come with a hardness determination test. Let’s get into the review!

Top 3 WaterBoss Water Softeners: a detailed review

💧1. Model 700 WaterBoss Water Softener 

First on the list of our WaterBoss water softener reviews is the WaterBoss Model 700. It has a lightweight design of 88 pounds. The compact design is an ideal choice for small families as well as small offices.

Like all WaterBoss water softener units, it uses less water and salt than other retail units. It has a built-in filter that self-cleans and requires no maintenance. Its filter works efficiently to reduce visible impurities and dirt.

It has the capacity to treat water hardness levels of 70 grains per gallon to soften the water regardless of whether you are using well water or any other water source. Impressively, it reduces iron, sediment, dirt, and other particles.

There is an LCD display that allows you to check out any error messages or notifications. It is easy to use. The regeneration process takes about 18 minutes and uses 12-15 gallons of water and 2.5 pounds of salt.

When the salt level gets low, it will notify you to refill the required amount of salt. To add the salt, you will need to slide the door and pour in the salt. The Model 700 makes this task easier.

However, the grain capacity is 22,000. For this reason, it is ideal for small families. Installation is easy and does not take long. Additionally, the tank comes with a 10-year warranty while the valve comes with a three-year warranty.


Low-rise compact design.
✅ Down to 10 microns sediment removal.
✅ User-friendly controls.
✅ On-demand regeneration.
✅ Built-in iron and sediment filter.


❌ Only for smaller families.
❌ Pricy.

The Final Verdict

To sum up, the WaterBoss Model 700 water softener is highly efficient, relatively quiet, and user friendly. Depending on the salt setting, this unit takes up to 18 minutes to regenerate. The water requirements for each regeneration process are 12-15 gallons along with 2.5 pounds of salt. Considering all the features, the Model 700 is our best recommendation for small families where chlorine isn’t a concern.

💧2. Model 950 WaterBoss Water Softener 

Next up, we have another incredible water softener by WaterBoss, the Model 950. It comes with a compact design that is easy to use and place.

Like the Waterboss 700, the WaterBoss 950 is also suitable for small families. It can remove the dirt and other contaminants from water up to 35 grains per gallon. This particular model is for city water without iron.

Aside from softening the water, this model has the added ability to reduce the bad odor of chlorinated city water. 

It also reduces the chlorine taste of the water. This feature makes it more functional as the filter improves the quality of the water even more.

The small design doesn’t take up much space. It can also be installed as a whole-house system so you can get soft water from any faucet in the house, but only for a family of four or less. Like other WaterBoss models, the Model 950 has a built-in self-cleaning filter. Therefore, there is no need for cartridge replacements.

Going to grain capacity, it supports up to 22,000 grains with less consumption of water. With whisper-quiet operation, we also suggest it for small offices. When it comes to the regeneration duration, it takes around 17-18 minutes and requires 2.5 pounds of salt and 14-15 gallons of water.


Computerized on-demand regeneration.
✅ Removes lead.
✅ Reduces odor and chlorine taste.
✅ Low-rise compact housing.
✅ Easy to use and install.


❌ Doesn’t filter iron contents.

The Final Verdict

To conclude, the WaterBoss 950 has a more elegant look and creates better smelling and better tasting water, reducing the chlorine taste and odor of city water with its charcoal filter. It is energy efficient with a maintenance-free filter. From design to performance, it’s the best choice out there. Besides, it only requires a few minutes to install. It also includes a 10-year warranty for any defects.

💧3. Model 900 WaterBoss Water Softener 

Lastly, we have the WaterBoss 900. This unit has a higher grain capacity compared to the other models at 36,500 and can treat water hardness levels of up to 90 gpg (grains per gallon)! This is impressive, considering water with a gpg of 15 is considered extremely hard and unusable as is! That’s why this model is ideal for larger families or higher usage.

The product weight is 105 pounds and 31 inches tall. Due to its small size and super quiet operation, it is also ideal for small offices. If you have a small office, this unit provides soft water for more than seven days.

Its small size doesn’t require complex installation, taking just a few minutes to install. It includes both resin and salt tanks. However, its control head is integrated into the lid which makes it easier to use.

WaterBoss water softeners require less regeneration time than other brands. The Model 900 requires 3 pounds of salt and 14-15 gallons of water for the regeneration process, which takes about 20 minutes. We have also compared WaterBoss vs. Morton water softeners, and WaterBoss takes less salt and water.

If you want to save money and time, the WaterBoss 900 is the best choice. Also, it provides the highest quantity of soft water, eliminating ferrous iron, dirt and sediment. Like other WaterBoss water softeners, this unit is made in the USA. Without complex settings, it allows for an easy installation process.

To get started, you will need to fill it up with 3-6 pounds of salt and 15-27 gallons of water. Then, it’s ready to provide soft water. Furthermore, it also comes with a 10-year warranty if you find any defects. For added safety, it features an automatic shut-off system.


Simple to use.
✅ On-demand regeneration.
✅ Compact design.
✅ Easy installation.
✅ 20-minute regeneration process.


❌ Heavier model.

The Final Verdict

Bang for buck, the Model 900 is the most affordable for higher water needs. This model is convenient to use, provides higher performance, and is highly efficient. If you have more than four members in your family or if you tend to use more water than normal, then the 900 would be the most worthwhile purchase available on the market.

How to choose a WaterBoss softener?

Even though we have listed the pros and cons of the three products, there may still be some confusion for those who are buying for the first time.

Getting the best water softener can be tricky if you don’t know what your needs are. To determine your needs and get the best bang for your buck, consider the following aspects:

How to choose a WaterBoss softener?
How to choose a WaterBoss softener?

💧Grain Capacity 

Each water softener comes with a different grain capacity. The grains enable the water softener to reduce contaminants in the water, including calcium, iron, etc. The higher the grain capacity, the more contaminants can be pulled out, or the more water can be filtered, depending on contaminant load. 

💧Total Water Usage 

The water softener requires a certain amount of water to provide soft water. So check how many gallons of water the softener requires to function to see whether your selected product is compatible with the amount of water you use.

💧 Water Source

Whether your source is well water or city water will determine which model to choose. Well water does not contain chlorine, therefore a chlorine filter is not necessary. City water contains chlorine but little iron and less dirt and sediment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is WaterBoss a good water softener compared to other brands?

Unlike other brands, the WaterBoss water softener makes for an easier installation. It uses less salt and water for its regeneration cycles. WaterBoss provides a better quality of water by reducing hardness.

2. How long does a WaterBoss water softener last?

The components break eventually if used regularly without care. Other problems such as electrical issues might also occur, as with any brand of softener. Considering these and other aspects, a WaterBoss water softener has a lifespan of up to 15 years, but this can be extended if you maintain it well.

3. How does a WaterBoss water softener work?

A WaterBoss water softener comes with resin beads. All water softeners by WaterBoss feature whole-house water filtration. They also have a self-cleaning feature. The filter reduces water hardness by eliminating sediment, odors, and iron, and other impurities and contaminants so you have healthy and clean water.


We’ve made it to the end of our WaterBoss water softener review. All these products, from design to performance, are the best in value compared to other brands. We have diligently researched these three products to help you make a more informed purchase. Thank you for visiting us!