4 Best Waterdrop Filter Reviews: Should You Buy It?

About the waterdrop brand: It is a professional water filter brand that launched in California, USA, in April 2016. They explain that the name is inspired by their desire to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water from the first sip to the last satisfying drop.

Waterdrop Filter Reviews
Waterdrop Filter Reviews

Since then, they have provided water purification solutions, and their products have bells and whistles that make them stand out from other water filters. They are also safe for plumbing; having been NSF certified as food grade, they are lead and BPA-free.

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Waterdrop Filter Reviews: Which One Should You Buy?

This Waterdrop filters review will unbox some of the most feature-filled water filters in their collection with different capabilities but the same underlying ability to deliver clean, safe, and healthy drinking water.

đź’§Waterdrop G3 Remineralization Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

It is the first of this review because this is one of the best of the Waterdrop filters with NSF certifications to back it up. It takes the lion’s share of everything filter Waterdrop has to offer, as we’ll see.

No Build-Up of Contaminants

The Waterdrop cross-flow filtration employed in its reverse osmosis system prevents bacteria and virus build-up and reduces clogging or blinding of filter membranes. As the water is filtered, part of it releases the trapped contaminants to be flushed away. This eases the burden on the filter, and the reduced friction has less impact on the flow rate. The Waterdrop tankless design also reduces breeding grounds for pathogens.

Addition of Healthy Minerals

Essential natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and others are added to the filtered water. In addition, this Waterdrop G3 has an external remineralization filter that injects up to 18 beneficial minerals back into your filtration system. These minerals are derived naturally from stones as opposed to chemicals that may have long-term health effects.

Water purification often takes everything away, including some minerals that are nutritious to the body. Calcium, for example, helps in teeth and bone formation.

Waterdrop Filter Reviews

Ability to Maintain Flow Rate

The Waterdrop tankless filter system brings purified water directly to your faucet, meaning you can have your cup of water ready in roughly 10 seconds. Your faucet water will be freshly filtered and still crisp as you have it.

Compact Size

This Waterdrop filter has a streamlined build which helps save space, and it will fit neatly on any countertop or under the sink at only 5.68 inches wide. They are easy to install in small spaces as you don’t need to make extreme concessions in your kitchen organization to accommodate the system. It makes an adaptable sink water filter.

Smart Designer Faucet

The Waterdrop D3’s faucet filtration system can monitor the purity of the water flowing through it from the filter, which reflects the state of the filter and will display it for you to see. You don’t have to get under the sink to check from the main unit. It has a ring with a color-coded lighting system that will assist you in knowing when it is due for filter replacement.

A blue light means the water filter is in great condition, yellow means it is almost time to replace, while red means it needs to be replaced immediately. It gives sufficient notice to have your replacement filters ready.

This faucet is made from a food-grade copper-zinc alloy coated with brushed nickel plating. It will complement the finishing and style of your existing kitchen sink fixtures.

The Ability to Monitor the Quality of Your Water Feed

This Waterdrop RO water filter has a smart total dissolved solids (TDS) monitoring panel, which displays the number of TDS that have been filtered out of your water. This will help you decide when the levels are high enough to warrant remedial action, like installing a water softener to protect your plumbing and appliances if the levels are too high.

Self-Cleansing Setting

Another convenient feature of Waterdrop’s G3 Remineralization RO system is the automatic flushing of the filter. When it has worked for prolonged periods of time, it can trigger a flushing cycle to unclog the membranes. This revitalizes the water filter, prolonging its life. The filtration system also automatically flushes when no water has been dispensed for 24 hours, allowing the filter to stay clean even when nobody uses the sink.


The intelligent Waterdrop filter system has been designed to power off automatically to prevent wastage of filtered water when it senses excesses. The faucet filter will shut down automatically after continuously dispensing water for 30 minutes, for instance.

7 Stages of Filtration

The 7-stage filtration provides adequate filtration even if you use a well water supply feed with heightened sediment levels. Each water filter has a different filtration process that, when combined, removes everything from coarse sediments like sand and rust, total, TDS, limescale, heavy metals, chlorine taste, and odor, to bacteria and other pathogens.

The resultant Waterdrop water flowing into your sink has no chlorine taste and odor courtesy of an activated carbon block filter made from quality coconut shell. They have also employed huge DOW high-pressure specialty reverse osmosis membranes. These are tough and durable and can take on a load of contaminants. They also have an above-average recovery rate.

It Has a Low Drain Ratio

The Waterdrop G3 Remineralization RO filter’s high-efficiency membranes send less discharge water to the drain in comparison to other reverse osmosis filters because they maintain the water pressure. As a result, a greater percentage of the water feed in this Waterdrop filter ends up as treated tap water which is economical.

Easy to Install and Maintain

This sink water filter is a compact reverse osmosis system with minimal parts and no tank, so installation is a breeze compared to other RO systems. You can do it yourself following the user guide instructions. It is easier to replace the filter; you don’t need tools, and you can do it while the system stays put. You will be alerted when the filter life is depleted. All you do is twist and pull out the used filters and slot in the replacement filters.

It Is NSF 58 and 372 Certified

According to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), this reverse osmosis filtering system has the NSF certified mark, which means the product has been extensively tested and analyzed, and NSF experts inspected their production process. It also means they were found to have met strict standards and procedures for public health protection. The G3 has 2 NSF certifications;

  • NSF/ANSI 58 is the American national standard for point-of-use reverse osmosis systems. It addresses the safety of the material in contact with drinking water, the structural integrity of the water filters, their efficiency rating, contaminant, and total dissolved solids (TDS) reduction performance, and how accurately this information has been relayed to the end-user looking to purchase the new filter.
  • NSF/ANSI 372 is the American national standard for determining and verifying a product’s ability to minimize lead contaminants consistent with the United States Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), specifically the lead-free plumbing requirements. Being NSF certified means your products are lead and BPA free and for water filters, they have demonstrated the ability to reduce lead content.

If you still required corroboration about the ability of the Waterdrop G3 remineralization RO water filter system to provide your safe and satisfying drinking water, the NSF certification is a testament from the highest authorities in the field. It also comes with a 30-day return guarantee if it doesn’t fit the bill. That was our one of the first Waterdrop Filter Reviews, let’s move on to the second.

đź’§Waterdrop D6 Remineralization 600GPD Reverse Osmosis Water System

Next in our Waterdrop filters review is this high capacity reverse osmosis water filter rated at 600GPD. The capacity doesn’t compromise its filtration effectiveness as it has a composite filter capable of handling the flow.


5-in-1 Composite Filter

The Waterdrop D6 Remineralization RO water filtration system comes equipped with Waterdrop’s FIST WD-D6RF composite filter. The five filtering agents comprise two coconut activated carbon block filters made from organic Sri Lankan coconut shells, 2 PP cotton layers, and a DOW reverse osmosis membrane. This combination works flawlessly to reduce most contaminants in a 5-stage filtration process.

How It Works

  • Untreated feed water passes through the outer PP cotton layer, blocked by sediment, rust, and other large particles.
  • It then gets to the first activated carbon block layer, reducing chlorine taste and odor, and other organic matter before proceeding to the second PP cotton layer.
  • More suspended matter and other impurities are blocked in this stage before the water reaches the DOW RO membrane.
  • The DOW RO membrane is a high-precision filter built to withstand high pressure while rejecting impurities. It has a large surface area so that more water can pass through it without clogging or reducing water flow significantly. It will intercept the smallest particles like salt, pesticides, heavy metals like lead, mercury, nitrates, PFAS, chemicals, sodium, chromium, benzene, etc.
  • It will finally get to the post-activated carbon block filter, where any residual tastes and odors are dealt with so your tap water is crisp and odorless.
Waterdrop Filter Reviews

Injection of Natural Minerals and Microelements

The Waterdrop D6 remineralization RO filter also restores beneficial minerals in the water. Up to 18 minerals have been adopted using natural mineral stones to be infused in the water. They are usually natural components of water but are often lost along with contaminants in a thorough purification process. These include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, among others.

You will sample mineral water benefits from your tap water, such as less bland taste and health benefits like bone and teeth development, detoxification, and improved immune systems.

Fast Water Flow: 600GPD

A rating of 600 gallons per day of filtered water that is safe for drinking is no mean feat by all standards. However, this Waterdrop reverse osmosis system can achieve this partly due to the large filtering surface in the Waterdrop WD- D6RF composite filter.

It offers adequate space for large volumes of water to pass through the filter at the same time without loss of pressure. The D6 filter also has an internal pump to speed the process along. As a result, the water should flow into your sink with sufficient pressure.

Reduced Water Waste

Waterdrop rates the drainage ratio of this sink water filter at 1.5:1, which can be translated in layman terms as you flush one cup of wastewater for every one and a half cups of filtered water. These are impressive figures by any reverse osmosis filtration system. This can be attributed to the rapid flow rate and the tankless water filter, which doesn’t allow contaminants to settle.

Smart Designer Faucet

This stylish faucet is constructed from a lead-free brushed nickel, which is aesthetically appealing and will not be that eyesore you want to avoid on top of your sink. It has been fitted with an LED screen that displays the water’s TDS levels and how much filter life is left on the current filter.

You don’t need to find the control panel under the sink to know when to replace the filter. In addition, the display has been waterproofed, so there are no chances of electric malfunctions on account of the water.

Eradication of Recontamination

The tankless design of this water filter means the purified water goes straight to the faucet, so there is no opportunity for the water to lie idle before consumption. This eliminates all the chances bacteria, and other pathogens would otherwise have to start building up again.

Easy to Install and Maintain

The Waterdrop D6 Remineralization RO water filtration system is compact like most Waterdrop RO systems. However, because it is tankless, it doesn’t require numerous connections, and you can do it yourself at home (It may involve drilling holes on your worktop if they don’t already exist, though).

It displays when it is time to replace the filter, and this replacement is as easy as pushing the replacement filter into its slot. No tools are necessary.

It Is Compact and Discrete

The tankless design enabled Waterdrop to package this RO system in a lean shape that fits easily in your kitchen without taking up a lot of real estate in the under sink storage. It is also quieter than a laptop, and you will hardly hear it humming under the sink. It is designed not to disrupt your daily routine.

Reduced Leakage

The entire Waterdrop D6 reverse osmosis filter is one integrated circuit, meaning there are no exposed connections, and sealing has been managed better. It is highly unlikely that the connectors will be exposed to the water circuit. It also has a water leak protection system that notifies you of water leakage the moment it starts so you can avert any additional damages.


Flushing is triggered periodically for the filter to clean itself, reducing the filter membranes’ burden. This adds to their lifespan and improves efficiency.

30-Day Return Guarantee

Like I mentioned in the first Waterdrop filter review, you get a month’s guarantee on your purchase, by which time you will have verified if it lives up to its billing.

đź’§Waterdrop G2P600 Remineralization Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

This is another high capacity reverse osmosis water filter system by Waterdrop that features an advanced composite 6-stage filter for even more contaminant reduction. Unfortunately, it comes without the smart faucets of the G3 and D6 models we saw earlier in the review but still makes an excellent under-sink water filter from Waterdrop.


6-in-1 Composite Filter

The Waterdrop WD-D6RF composite filter system has been enforced with an extra PET pleated membrane at the last stage of the filtration process in this RO filter.

Therefore, it is composed of 2 PP cotton membranes to capture sediment and two premium activated carbon blocks for taste and odor. Additionally, it has a 0.0001-micron high precision DOW reverse osmosis membrane, which is the heart of the filter. It captures the smallest contaminants and a PET pleated membrane as an extra precautionary measure if anything got beyond the carbon filter.

The water goes through the same filtration process in this FIST filter we saw earlier and comes out via the PET pleated membrane. The combined characteristics of these filter materials enable this G2P600 reverse osmosis water filter to intercept 99.99% of water contaminants, providing crisp, clean, healthy drinking water.

Infusion of Healthy Minerals in Filtered Water

The system recreates the mineral water effect by injecting back essential minerals and microelements selected to benefit the human body. These are derived from up to 18 natural materials. For example, magnesium and potassium have been known to lower harmful cholesterol, and sulfates increase amylase secretion, which improves digestion and a host of other benefits.

Safe Designer Faucet

It comes with a lead-free faucet made of a food-grade copper-zinc alloy with a brushed nickel plating. The faucet is well designed and polished, so it will not be an intrusive feature in your otherwise well-adjusted kitchen design.

Fast Flow: 600 GPD

The water supply does not lose its pace due to friction, as it often happens in other filters. The upgraded G2P600 reverse osmosis system has a large filtering surface that facilitates flowing without loss of momentum and an integrated pump to boost the process.

Low Drain Ratio of 2:1

This is a significant reduction in water waste from other RO filters. It means you flush 1 cup of water for every 2 cups of purified water you get. The tankless system coupled with the boosted flow reduces wastage because the flushing doesn’t need much water.

Compact Design

Like most Waterdrop RO filters, it will fit easily and occupy a small section under your sink because of the streamlined tankless design.

Prevents Recontamination

Once the water is filtered, it flows straight to the faucet and will not contact any other contaminants. As a result, it doesn’t lie stagnant to provide pathogens with breeding grounds.

No Leakages

This reverse osmosis filter has integrated electrical and water circuits with few connectors and automatic water shut-off valves. Consequently, the risk of leakages is greatly reduced.

Interactive Indicators

The G2P600 will accurately show you the state of your filter life and remind you when it needs to be changed in advance using indicators. They also tell you whether the filter is working and if there is a problem.

Hassle-Free Operation

Setting up this reverse osmosis filter is easy because it is compact and has few straightforward connections like the other Waterdrop filters we have seen. It indicates when the filter is due for a change and installing the replacement filter is easy.

đź’§Waterdrop D4 Reverse Osmosis System

This is the Waterdrop filter’s latest entrant into the market and also happens to be the most compact reverse osmosis filter at the moment. It uses the least space to provide the same pure, clean drinking water quality as bulkier filters. It will be excellent for an RV sink water filter. The Waterdrop Filter Review cannot be complete without checking it out.


Super Compact

It stands at only 12.44 inches, saving even more space under the sink. This has been facilitated by the Waterdrop tankless design. In addition, it is more integrated than the other models, and there are no connectors in its internal water tubing. This lowers the possibility of leakages and harboring pathogens such as bacteria.

5-In-1 Composite Filter

The D4 RO system uses the same Waterdrop WD-D6RF composite filter as the D6 and the G2P600 filters above. This means the water supply will pass through stages of filtration with multiple filtration layers capable of intercepting all forms of contaminants.

Among these is the 0.0001-micron high precision DOW reverse osmosis membrane that captures the smallest particles. The result is the same crisp, healthy, clean drinking water promised by Waterdrop.


The Waterdrop system will initiate a flushing cycle if it stays idle for more than an hour. This cleans the filter and prevents any form of build-up when the household is empty. The lifespan of the filter is extended in the process.

Ease of Use

It is portable and requires the smallest of spaces to fit for a reverse osmosis filter. Coupled with its tankless design, installation of this sink water filter will be easy. Replacement of the filter is easier, and this model’s filter is only replaced annually.

You need to open the front panel, pull out the used filter, and slide in the replacement filter. It is a very convenient faucet filtration system.

Large Capacity of 400GPD

The Waterdrop D4 RO system is surprisingly capable of delivering up to 400 gallons per day of filtered water, which for its size, is super-efficient. This can be attributed to the composite filter with an extended 5-stage filtration surface and its inbuilt pump.

Low Drain Ratio 1:1

This is a decent water conservation rate for a water filter compared to other RO systems on the market. The Waterdrop tankless design and the high flow rate play a role in this efficiency.

Silent Operation

You will forget you have a faucet filter under your sink, yet there is a whole RO system at work until you have to replace the filters. These Waterdrop water filters produce the least sound as they churn out quality water. It presents the least distraction as you go about your daily activities.

Compatible with Remineralization

Although it doesn’t come with the option, it is possible to upgrade your Waterdrop D4 RO system by connecting it to a Waterdrop remineralization filter if mineralized water appeals to you. This way, you get the best of both worlds from your tap water.

Stylish Faucet

This is an ideal faucet filtration system because the package comes with a sleek faucet finished with polished metal that will likely match your kitchen sink and will not create a bizarre contrast. The finishing is food grade, so it will not leech into your faucet water.

30-Day Return Guarantee

Waterdrop has given you their standard 30 days to test the viability of this reverse osmosis system, within which you can return it if dissatisfied.

Understanding RO Systems

As we have realized in these Waterdrop filter reviews, most of Waterdrop’s marketable filters apply reverse osmosis. It is currently the most reliable filtration method that is practical for the household. However, we need to demystify the process to appreciate how the filtration systems we just reviewed improve the water quality.

Understanding RO Systems
Understanding RO Systems

đź’§How Does Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Work?

Household water pressure pushes water through a series of water filters. Inside these filters are semi-permeable membranes with pores that are too small for contaminant molecules to push through.

As a result, only the smaller water molecules can pass through the membranes to the inner side of the membrane, where they are either channeled to a storage tank or straight to the faucet, ready for consumption. Our Waterdrop filters produce faucet water instantly.

This process is aided by the fact that pressure outside the membranes from the household water inlet is usually higher than inside the membrane. This is because the extra water then washes away the impurities trapped on the membranes.

đź’§What is Drain Ratio?

Reverse osmosis technology uses water to clean the reverse osmosis membranes as they filter the water. This means they typically use more water than the processed water they produce. The drain ratio measures the proportion of water used to clean the membranes and water flushed away. It is weighed against the amount of purified water produced at the same time.

The amount of water utilized in the filtration process will vary depending on the water temperature, the type and level of contaminants present in the water, and the number of dissolved solids. The drain ratio will also vary depending on the efficiency of the reverse osmosis system. You should consider this as you shop for your new filter.

đź’§How Much Water Can an RO System Produce in a Day?

The gallons of water per day (GPD) or liters per hour (LPH)actually produced are usually 50 to 75% of the system’s rating. This is actually the speed at which the RO system produces drinking water under normal water pressure (approximately 60 pounds of force per square inch- psi).

The figures should not alarm you because a regular household will hardly consume 50 gallons of water for drinking water per day. All the reverse osmosis filters featured in this filter review can produce way above the household needs without maxing out their GPD.

The Bottom Line

Waterdrop uses the latest technology to produce simple, yet functional water filters designed to blend into your lifestyle. They are easy to use and will fit neatly in any kitchen. Their replacement filters are also readily available.

Their RO systems are a cut above the market as they decided to embrace the tankless approach. We recommend these filters for any household on the prowl for a new filter that guarantees water quality.

All the RO filters featured here have versions that are not mineralized but are equally capable water filtration systems. They are available at an affordable price. You can check them out from Waterdrop’s products page. While there, you will find other filters Waterdrop has in their portfolio that go beyond the sink. They have Waterdrop refrigerator filters (there is an entire line of Waterdrop refrigerator water filters), water filter pitcher products, and replacement filters for these and other filters. I hope you have been able to know about everything important in our waterdrop filter review.